Savvy mum turns Ikea bookcase into stunning room divider so her son and daughter both get their own space

A SMART mum chose to split her kids’ room in half to give each of them their own ‘bedroom’, and the results are amazing. 

The TikTok user – @a_drop_of_lavender – shared a video explaining that her children were bored of sharing a bedroom, and showing how she used bookshelves from Ikea to create a divide down the centre of the room, giving the illusion of two bedrooms instead of one shared one. 


The mum explained that her kids were tired of sharing a roomCredit: TikTok/@a_drop_of_lavender
So the mum decided to split the space


So the mum decided to split the spaceCredit: TikTok/@a_drop_of_lavender

The mum picked up the bookshelves from the Swedish furniture store and got to work transforming her children’s shared bedroom into two individual spaces. 

“My kids were tired of sharing a bedroom, so I decided to make a room divider,” she explained in the now-viral video. 

To create the new bedroom set-up, the mum worked hard redesigning each child’s side of the space. 

Using just a bookcase, the savvy mum was able to split the space in two, giving both of her children a ‘bedroom’ of their own. 

Her daughter’s side of the bedroom is white and minimalist with a fake plant, glittery star lights, and lots of pretty accessories.

The mum has also covered the previously blue wardrobe in marble contact paper, creating a chic, stylish space. 

The mum explains that her daughter ‘chose a marble and rose gold theme’. 

While her son’s side is football and superhero-themed, with football bedding and a huge Marvel feature wall. 

He’s also got his own bookshelf and lots of storage space. 

Her daughter's side is minimalist and chic


Her daughter’s side is minimalist and chicCredit: TikTok/@a_drop_of_lavender
Her little boy's side is football and Marvel themed


Her little boy’s side is football and Marvel themedCredit: TikTok/@a_drop_of_lavender

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