Scots comedian Limmy shares brutally honest thoughts on hit Netflix show Squid Game

Squid Game has taken Netflix by storm, and looks set to become the streaming platform’s most popular show of all time.

It’s no surprise everyone has been glued to their screens since it’s release, and Limmy is no different with the Scottish comedian taking to social media after watching the series to share his thoughts.

The comic posted on Twitter: “Here is my Squid Game review. I liked it, but I didnae love it.

“No spoiler, I hope, but I thought the VIPs were f******* terrible. The acting, the dialogue, the cliched attitude. Even the editing, the pauses after somebody says something funny and everybody laughing. It was like a cutscene from a s**** game.

Comedian Limmy shared his views on the show on Twitter

“Lots of money to be made from that doll. Get it on a t shirt. A close up of the face or the whole thing with the head turned. People will snap it up, desperate to show others that they’re more of a Squid Game fan than you.”

The thriller sees hundreds of players accepting a strange invitation to compete in children’s games for a whopping £36 million.

However there is a deadly twist for those who are unsuccessful.

Fans turned to the comments to share their thoughts on the South Korean drama.

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One user replied: “A regurgitation of things we’ve seen before. Bit of Hunger games / Battle Royale. It was good. Probably a bit long. The acting started of a bit s**** and playful, then got a bit more serious. VIPs were like baddies from Power Rangers.”

Another said: “I watched it all in one yesterday because I had nothing to do. It was a decent show but the end was not fantastic. Not terrible, not fantastic. Just kinda ‘there’. Probably wouldn’t watch it again if it was just up to me.”

A third commented: “It peaked at ep.6 and then I didn’t love it as much toward the end (bar the character development we see at the very end). So I loved the start and liked it at the end.”


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