Scott Weinger On Almost Loving His Family Relationship After Accident In ‘Full House’

Weinger played Steve Hale on the beloved comedy, which started as a recurring role in season five. Later Scott became one of the main characters in seasons six and seven until he exited the show to attended Harvard.

Although the enthusiastic teenage Weinger had a great time with the cast on set, he was involved in a severe accident that could have potentially injured him during the show’s filming.

One morning, while a 17-year-old Weinger was driving his new BMW, another car ran a red light and rode straight into him. Fortunately for Candace Cameron Bure, who played DJ and Weinger, he was not injured.

During an interview with Redbook Magazine, Weinger admitted that the accident was not wholly the other car’s fault as in retrospect, he thought he should have been more attentive as he said:

“If I was more attentive I would have seen it happening but I was 17-years-old, driving a snazzy new BMW and probably changing the CD or making a phone call.”

Besides being shaken up from the experience, Weinger walked away from the potentially life-changing accident without a scratch. He continued his role on “Full House” until he exited the show in 1994.

Besides his success in the 90s sitcom, Weinger found more stardom with his voice acting. Weinger voiced the Disney prince, “Aladdin, ” as a teenager,” both in the movies and TV shows.

However, fans might be surprised to learn that although he voiced the thief-turned-prince, Weinger was not the voice behind Aladdin’s singing voice. Instead, a voice actor named Brad Kane provided the singing vocals.

In 1992, Weinger discussed the auditioning process for “Aladdin” and admitted during his singing audition, his voice cracked. He explained the nerve-wreck experience:

“I looked over and saw the piano player chuckling and the casting people laughing,… I thought, ‘Well, that’s it for me.’ ”

Fortunately for Weinger, the casting team, who had audition 60 other Aladdin wannabes, loved Weinger’s voice and thought he was perfect for the role. So with vocals from Kane and Weinger, Aladdin was born.

Besides voicing the dreamy Disney prince, the opportunity allowed Weinger to met one of his idols, Robin Willams. However, they only worked on the set together once, as the production recorded the actors’ voices individually.

Weinger revealed that it was a fantastic experience to work with Williams. He was blown away by his talent, including the impressive impersonations of Jack Nicholson and William F. Buckley Jr he did as Genie in the movie.

After an early and successful start to his career, Weinger decided to take a break from acting and focus on his education. So he applied and was accepted into Harvard.

Although others might question why a talented young actor would leave a show as popular as “Full House,” Weinger explained that going to Harvard was just as big of a dream as acting.

He knew if he attended university, Hollywood would not go anywhere. Of course, he was right because his career found him back in Hollywood as an actor, writer, and producer.

During his Harvard days, Weinger was still working in show business. He continued to work at “Good Morning America” as a youth correspondent—a position he had from 1994 to 1997.

Weinger also made a special appearance in the “Full House” finale during his University days. After graduating magna cum laude in 1998, Weinger did return to Hollywood. However, he mainly worked behind the camera.


But that is not to say he put his acting career entirely behind him. He made a few guest appearances in TV shows such as “Scrubs,” “Walker, Texas Ranger,” and “Misteresses,”

However, Weinger’s career thus far has mainly been behind the camera lens and in the writing room. He has writing credits for TV shows as “What I like about you,” “Like Family,” and “Privilege” during the 2000s.

From 2010 to 2013, he worked as a writer on “90210” and then wrote and produced “The Neighbors.” He and his “Full House,” costar Candace Cameron Bure make a guest appearance as the main characters’ neighbors.

More recently, he made guest appearances on ABC shows “Galavant” and “Black-ish.” More notably, Weinger reprised his role as Steve in the Netflix “Full House” spinoff show, “Fuller House.”

Weinger and the rest of the “Full House” cast, including Candace Cameron Bure, reunited a few years ago to film 13 episodes for the streaming platform Netflix. The show is now on its fifth season.

When word of the reprisal came out in 2015, fans were excited to see what the Tanners had been up to. The cast kept most of the details under wraps except for a few candid selfies they shared on social media.

Weinger has spoken about his experience filming the reprisal and how the relationships with the cast and production had changed in some ways and not changed in others.

In a 2015 interview with Rachael Ray on her show, Weinger admitted that at first, it was strange to be back on set, but after a day or two, the cast interacted as if 20 years had not passed:

“Well, the weirdest thing the first day back we were all looking at each other like, ‘What is happening?”… The second day of work… was like, ‘Hey, how’s it going?’ “

The cast had always had a close and playful bond on set. As Weinger revealed as a teenager, the cast hung out together and got up to all sorts of different antics.

One such antic involved Bob Saget and Dave Coulier. Coulier would whisper something to Saget, which would result in Saget throwing his coffee across the set and writhing to the floor.

According to Weinger, this particular antic would happen daily. Eventually, he and the rest of the cast got used to Coulier and Saget’s routine and would act as if nothing was happening while Saget writhed on the floor.

Although many “Full House” fans would have loved the opportunity to date DJ Tanner’s boyfriend, Steve, Weinger’s real wife, was not so sure about him when she found out who he was.

When Weinger and his wife, Rina Mimoun, were supposed to go on their first date, Mimoun’s friend did a Google search of him and found a fan website about him. However, Mimoun thought Weinger had made it himself.

The actor revealed that after she saw the fan websites, she wanted to cancel their date because she had thought, “I can’t date anybody who’s going to make a website dedicated to himself. I can’t handle that level of ego.'”

Fortunately for the couple, everything worked out great as they were married in 2008 and have a son, Mischa, together. Mimoun also works in the industry as a producer and writer.

Some of her credits include “Pushing Daisies,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Hart of Dixie,” and “Everwood” (2002). The couple also share credits in “Privileged” and “Mistresses.”

Fans can keep up to date with Weinger on his Instagram account, where he regularly shares insight into his life, family, and the new projects he is working on.


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