Season 19, Episode 3, Road to Nowhere

The NCIS cast returned for the third episode of Season 19. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS aired a new episode on Monday night that basically served as the second part from last week.

It was on last week’s episode of NCIS that we learned the identity of the killer Gibbs and Marcie Warren had been searching for last season.

And NCIS fans also found out that it was actor Jason Wiles who had joined the cast to take on that role.

As that episode was coming to a close, Gibbs tracked down the suspect and caught him, but while the suspect was being interrogated he assaulted Agent Knight and broke out.

After taking Kasi hostage in the bullpen, Gibbs suddenly arrived in the elevator and shot the suspect from behind.

NCIS Season 19, Episode 3 recap

The new episode of NCIS was called Road to Nowhere and it began with the suspect being rushed to a hospital with a gunshot wound. FBI Special Agent Alden Parker was already there and he confronted Gibbs as the suspended NCIS agent showed up.

Parker was pretty upset that Gibbs may have killed their only lead in the case, but Gibbs assured him that it was not a kill shot. They debated about it for a while until the doctor came in and said that their suspect would survive.

Parker and Gibbs go on a road trip

When the suspect regained consciousness, he let Parker know that there was another body and that he would take them to it if Gibbs came along. This led to a road trip with Gibbs and Parker trying to find the final piece to the puzzle.

While on the road, the suspect tried to get under Gibbs’ skin and it appeared to work. Parker wanted to call an end to the day and Gibbs let him make that choice. As Parker was calling it in, Gibbs took off with the vehicle and the suspect in order to close the case.

The killer took Gibbs to a mysterious location that we learned later was the family home to his late wife. He wanted to say goodbye to her and before intentionally stepping on a landmine to kill himself, he gave Gibbs the final clue he needed to close the case. This was also after a lot of back and forth where the killer insinuated that there might be hope for Gibbs.

It turned out that a huge company was going into the cell phone business and they were killing people who stood in the way of opening a copper mine in Alaska. The team was able to piece this all together after Agent Knight went undercover and was able to download company information that included references to some of the contract killer’s victims. And, of course, it revealed more about the plan in Alaska.

Through their own investigating, Knight and Agent Torres figured out where the final body was located, and it wasn’t anywhere near where the killer had been taking Gibbs.

The episode came to an end with Gibbs letting McGee know that they are going to travel to Alaska to close this case. Before he went, though, Gibbs said he needed to do one last thing, and it appeared that he was saying goodbye to his family at the cemetery where they are buried. This seems like some heavy foreshadowing that Gibbs doesn’t plan on coming back.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.


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