Selena Gomez’s Unrecognizable Appearance Triggers Health Fears?

Are Selena Gomez‘s friends worried about her health? One tabloid claims recent photos of the singer are drawing concern. Here’s what we know.

Selena Gomez Looks ‘Like A Completely Different Person’?

This week, Life & Style is sounding alarms over Selena Gomez’s health. While Gomez has seen some major career successes over the past month, recent photos show her “looking glum.” An eyewitness to Gomez’s latest outing dished, “She definitely had a downcast vibe. She didn’t smile once.” The outlet then suggests that Gomez’s “glum” look may have been about more than just a bad day.

“She doesn’t always glam it up to go out in public, which is admirable,” an insider remarks. “But it’s no secret she has issues with body image, anxiety, and depression, so her moods can fluctuate. She has up days and down days, it all depends.” And now some people close to her are “worrying something is wrong.”

Gomez once admitted, “Self-esteem and confidence are a constant struggle.” And the tabloid worries Gomez may be struggling even more than usual right now. “During the height of her fame, Selena counted calories. She’s no longer willing to do that,” an insider explains. “She tried to eat healthfully, but Selena doesn’t think twice about driving to McDonald’s when she feels like having a junk food day.” But no matter what’s got her down, those close to her are wishing her well. “They love her and want her to be OK,” the tipster concludes.

Selena Gomez Looking ‘Sullen’ During Outing?

Here’s the thing — this story is based on a single photo of Gomez not smiling. She certainly didn’t look “unrecognizable,” and we have no reason to believe she is unhappy in the photos. Besides, the tabloid couldn’t even stick to a story as to what is wrong with Gomez. Is she struggling with anxiety and depression? Is she struggling with her body image? Or is she just making too many trips to McDonald’s?

It’s clear the tabloid just wanted to shame Gomez for her appearance as she was spotted makeup-free. And the tabloid decided to use Gomez’s past health struggles to insult her. It’s obvious from the tabloid’s inconsistency and insensitivity that there was no story here. And Gomez was spotted this weekend all dressed up for a night on the town. From the looks of it, there’s no cause for concern.

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Appearances

This is far from the first time we’ve covered a story like this from Life & Style. The outlet has no problem brazenly criticizing celebrities’ appearances. Not too long ago, the magazine accused Kelly Clarkson of stress eating and gaining weight. And the outlet accused Kate Middleton of being too skinny not once, but twice. It’s obvious the tabloid has no insight into celebrities’ health, so they should hesitate before commenting on their bodies.


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