Sergeant’s exam taken by Eddie?

As we found ourselves navigating through Blue Bloods season 12 episode 2 on CBS tonight, we found ourselves asking big questions. Take, for example, what was going on with Eddie — why was she not telling Jamie about what she was up to?

Meanwhile, what was Anthony trying to do for Erin? Whatever it was, it was so serious and/or terrifying that nobody else in the entire Reagan family wanted anything to do with it.

We want to offer up some answers in both of these storylines within, but let’s get to them one beat at a time. Also, remember that Blue Bloods isn’t that dark of a show.

Eddie – At a certain point, Jamie decided to follow his wife around to figure out what she was up to. It felt like it was some sort of undercover case … but the truth was that she was attending a class at night. She was studying for the Sergeant’s exam! She was afraid to tell him, thinking that he would be upset over it. He wasn’t, but he was unhappy with the idea that she wasn’t telling him the truth about it and trying to hide it. (It does feel a little weird — why would this be something to hide? We thought the reveal would be a lot crazier than this!)


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