Shocking moment ‘knife-wielding man attacks woman in cul-de-sac in “random attack” leaving her covered in blood’

THIS is the shocking moment a knife-wielding man attacked a woman in a cul-de-sac leaving her covered in blood.

Horrifying footage shows the man menacingly approach a woman walking up the street with a hammer and a small knife in his hands.

He grabs the terrified woman and attempts to strike her with his weapons, while even trying to headbutt her as he seeks to throw her to the floor.

The women can be heard pleading with the man to “let go” while he wrestles with a woman wearing a yellow sundress.

He then threateningly brandishes his blade and tauntingly asks her: “Do you want that?”

A struggle ensues between the pair as a distressed bystander filmed the horror attack.

Neighbours reportedly rushed to the women’s aid as she lay in the street covered in blood.

David Nash (01/05/1973), of Tintern Road, Middleton, has been charged with three counts of ABH, affray, public order, threaten a person with an offensive weapon in a public place, threaten a person with a bladed/sharp pointed article in a public place and malicious communication. He has been remanded in custody until his next court appearance.

 was there last night with Hayley-Jane Webb and we were with the girl who was attacked. She is okay. She sustained some injuries but went off to hospital with the ambulance a few hours later when all had calmed down and the paramedics had arrived.As it stands it’s not an isolated incident. He’s attacked numerous girls on the estate (including myself on Thursday) and when the police arrived this was reported by numerous by standers.Last night it had gone completely too far as he was armed with weapons, a hammer and a knife. It’s all on video footage which has been given to the police. We’re unsure if he has been found as he did run away.Thank you for your concern, happy to update anyone when myself or Hayley know more. Xx

forever grateful for your phone call and stopping. It was terrifying and unprovoked however when it’s not the first time he’s attacked but this time it’s crossed to many lines. Thank you again x

I was driving past (7 ish) and saw a guy absolutely battering a girl on Tintern Road. He was on top of her and when he got up she was absolutely dripping in blood from her face. He had blood on him too. He then walked off into Hopwood woods and I noticed he had a hammer in his hand. Someone else said he had a knife too. I phoned the police and gave details as did some others too. Three police cars and a van on blue lights came. Just hope she is alright and they caught him. Some man knew who he was (said he was a neighbour).


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