Sister Wives’ Christine Brown calls herself ‘single woman’ in legal docs after she moves out & slams marriage to Kody

SISTER Wives star Christine Brown called herself a “single woman” in legal documents after she sold her Arizona home and slammed her marriage to Kody. 

Christine, 49, sold the Arizona home she once shared with her husband Kody, 52, for $700,000 earlier this month. 


Christine Brown listed herself as a ‘single woman’ on legal docsCredit: TLC
She has been having marital issues with husband Kody


She has been having marital issues with husband KodyCredit: TLC

In the deed exclusively obtained by The Sun, Christine, the grantor of the property, is listed as a “single woman.”

Christine is not legally married to Kody, as she is his third spiritual wife, making her “single” on the court documents. 

Kody was only legally married to first wife Meri, 50, before he divorced her to marry fourth wife Robyn, 43, to be able to adopt her children from a previous marriage. 

Kody is also spiritually married to second wife Janelle, 52. 


Christine listing herself as a “single woman” comes amid marital issues with Kody. 

In a trailer for the upcoming season of Sister Wives, Christine said in her confessional: “Covid has brought out how much we want to be a family. We’re not. I don’t think Kody wants to live together again. I think he wants to live separate.”

The mom of six said of the family building on their property: “The best I could give today is pretend. I don’t want to move on the property. I want to move back to Utah.

“Why would I want to live on the property with a dysfunctional marriage where right over there he’s got a full-functioning marriage. Who would ever want to live like that?“

The trailer also explored Robyn being the “head wife,” as she told her sister wives to stop being “suspicious” of her. 

On last season’s Sister Wives, Christine expressed her desire to move back to Utah now that polygamy has been decriminalized in their home state.

But when Kody and her sister wives shut down the idea, Christine was brought to tears and admitted she “can’t do marriage with Kody anymore,” as she “doesn’t matter” to him.


Christine hasn’t been spotted with Kody, as she recently visited Universal Studios with her sister wife Janelle and their kids sans their husband. 

The Sun can confirm Christine has not closed on homes in Arizona or Utah as of October 12.

Kody and Christine sparked split speculation last year when he transferred the family home to her a year before she sold the house. 

She recently sold her Arizona home and has threatened to move to Utah


She recently sold her Arizona home and has threatened to move to UtahCredit: Instagram
Kody is also married to Robyn, Meri and Janelle


Kody is also married to Robyn, Meri and JanelleCredit: Refer to Caption
Sister Wives’ Christine calls marriage to Kody ‘dysfunctional’ in trailer


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