‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Gets 2 More Seasons

Sister Wives star Kody Brown dropped a hint about plans for his TLC series and fans think Meri Brown has something to do with that as well. This reveal seems unintentional as he was citing a timeline for the Sister Wives show and the 2 upcoming seasons.

Kody said he officiates the wedding of a long-time bachelor, which fans will see on the show. The Sister Wives patriarch then said it won’t play out in the next season, but the one after that. He recently made this revelation on one of his Cameo messages he now gets paid to create for fans.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and His Loose Lips

So, there doesn’t seem to be any doubt about two more Sister Wives seasons. That is if what Kody said was true. But as far as his relationship coming full circle with Meri Brown, fans see hints of this.

The people who follow Kody Brown along with his Sister Wives ladies both on-screen and online believe there’s a chance for a reboot. Some think this is in the cards for Kody Brown and his first wife, Meri Brown. Fans offered several theories as to why this may happen.

For one, Meri’s made it very obvious in past seasons that she wants to get back the bedroom she once shared with Kody Brown. She’s flirted with him in episodes of the most recent season. She also attempted a romantic picnic at one point with her estranged husband.

While Meri Brown might want this to happen, many of her fans don’t seem to think she should reconnect with her Sister Wives husband. But Meri never left, it’s just that Kody revealed he no longer lives with Meri. Which sounds like code for he took her off the bedroom roster as well.

Meri Brown Is in the Money

Meri Brown is a supposed top sales rep for the LuLaRoe company. While fans knew she made a nice paycheck from this job, they were stunned at a recent report. That report came from the LuLaRich docuseries on Amazon. It revealed what the top sales reps earn, like Meri Brown who sells for the LuLaRoe company. Although, Meri was not mentioned in the Amazon docuseries. Once this news hit, fans of the Sister Wives show collectively gasped for air.

As reported in the LuLaRich docuseries, top sales reps can earn big bucks. They also get cruises and trips to resort for rewards at LuLaRoe. As Soap Dirt previously reported, Meri enjoys these rewards, like the several cruises and trips she’s been on.

Sales reps can bring home up to six figures. But that is not for a year. As exposed by the LuLaRich docuseries, it was a bonus earned within one month.

One rep reportedly made a monthly bonus of $45K. Another talked about a $60K monthly bonus. But the docuseries dropped jaws around the nation when one rep reportedly made a six-figure bonus for one month.

So, this opened up the eyes of the Sister Wives viewers. Again, it’s not known what Meri Brown rakes in. But as a top sales consultant, it sounds like her monthly bonuses may reflect similar dollar amounts.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Big Dreams Financed by Meri?

In the previews of the new season that mention that they’re ready to build on Coyote Pass. So this leaves fans believing Meri is making her way back to Kody. To build the four Sister Wives homes takes a lot of money.

Christine Brown put her home on the market. Some fans believed she planned to use the profit from the sale of the house to help with the building costs. But fans think this is just a fraction of what they’ll need for all four separate homesteads.

Since hints suggest that the homes will soon go up, fans think that Meri may be contributing to the Kody Brown family pooled finances. Some Sister Wives viewers on TLC thought that it was only right for Meri Brown to keep all her money after the way Kody treated her.

But, fans think that maybe she’s sharing again. This would explain how they could go ahead with the building on Coyote Pass.

So, Sister Wives fans should watch closely in the next season to see if Meri Brown and her somewhat estranged husband Kody Brown enjoy better terms together. By the time the second of the two new seasons Kody talked about airs, they may be back together. In other words, it’s possible Meri lands on the bedroom schedule once again.


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