Size 10 woman fuming after she buys ‘large’ leather leggings from Zara and they barely go over her bum

IT’S NEVER nice when you buy your size in an item of clothing and it barely fits.

But it’s even WORSE when you buy a bigger size and you’re still struggling to get it on.


A size 10 woman was left fuming when a pair of size large leather leggings would barely go over her bumCredit: TikTok/@millygurton

Well, that’s apparently what happened to a fuming size 10 woman, who was shocked that Zara’s leather leggings she claims she ordered in a size large would barely go over her bum.

Milly Gurton, otherwise known as “Zara leggings girl”, posted the video to her TikTok account with the caption ‘Just wanted some leather leggings’. 

The video sees Milly wearing a long-sleeved black top, paired with her new leather leggings, but much to her dismay, they won’t do up and will barely go over her bum.

She said: “Right I don’t care if this gets taken down, because Zara, what the f*ck is that?!

“What the f*ck is that?!

“I ordered these in a size large, ok. 

“I am just under 5 foot 10, I am clothes size 10/12.

“I’ve got a bit of pre-period bloat, but you know, sue me.

“What the hell?!

“These are like fake leather leggings.”

Milly then paraded around the room, showing off her exposed bum.

She continued: “Yeah I’m just gunna walk around town like this.

“What is that?

“Now my ass crack is just out.

“Brilliant, thanks Zara.”

The video has left many viewers in hysterics, as Milly struggles to pull up the trousers, and ends up walking around the room, sulking and screaming. 

Clearly the video has got numerous people talking as at the time of writing, after just a day of the video being uploaded to TikTok, it has racked up over 720,800 views.

It has 94.4k likes, 2,459 comments and 5,485 shares. 

Many could sympathise with Milly and were quick to comment on their experiences with Zara’s sizing. 


One person said: “Honestly I never even look in Zara because their sizing is so bad.”

Another added: “I’m getting Ross from Friends vibes. Zara sizing is ridiculous.” 

A third commented: “This makes me feel human – I’m one size one min and 10 times bigger the next dependant on shop/style.” 

Another said: “I’m a 10/12 and I have to get a size 16 Zara jeans.”  

Milly was fuming that the trousers wouldn't fit and struggled to pull them up


Milly was fuming that the trousers wouldn’t fit and struggled to pull them upCredit: TikTok/@millygurton

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