Sleep expert shares 15-minute bedtime tweak that’ll make the clocks going back a breeze for kids

BEFORE kids, we always secretly enjoyed the hour going back every winter – after all, it basically gives us permission to have a lie-in.

But now we’re parents, we dread any kind of disturbance to our children’s sleep – because we just know we’ll be paying for it for weeks on end.


The experts at Ssshh Sleep Consultancy recommend pushing your child’s bedtime back by 15 minutes next weekCredit: Getty

Ahead of the clocks going back next weekend, the experts at Sshhh Sleep Consultancy revealed how mums and dads can make the adjustment easier for kids.

And while it’s only a minor change to their routine, it’s something you need to start doing next week.

Speaking to the Mirror, sleep expert Lisa says it’s worth putting your child to bed 15 minutes later from Thursday.

She explained: “You can gradually shift your child’s body clock by making their bedtime 15 minutes later each night for four nights – or every other night.


“This means they should be adjusted come the weekend.

“Do try to get them up at their usual awake time in the morning to start creating this new 24-hour routine.”

On days when you’re bringing their bedtime forward, the expert recommends doing the same for naps and meals too.

What’s more, Lisa urged parents not to let their kids oversleep when they’ve gone to bed slightly later.

She recommends opening their windows in the morning to let in some fresh air and light.

But if your little one struggles with sleep, the expert always falls back on her five Bs – Bath, Bedroom, Books, Bottle and Bed.

She continued: “Remember to use this routine with your child EVERY night (and not just for this purpose) to instil a quiet, calm and relaxing wind-down before bed.

“No gadgets or TV after dinner as the blue light from these items inhibits melatonin – our sleep hormone – from producing. This should help this transition.”

On top of this, she also recommends avoiding sugary treats as it’ll make the family feel sluggish.

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