Spoilers For Grey’s Anatomy New Episode: Will Meredith Return To Seattle? & More

Entering tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 2, it was abundantly clear that Meredith had an enormous decision to make. Would she go back to Seattle and the world she knew and loved, or opt to spend a little more time in Minnesota?

At the start of the episode tonight, Ellen Pompeo’s character realized that she could use a little bit of additional feedback. With that in mind, she opted to ask Amelia to come out — not only that, but eventually come on board in the event she stayed out there!

There was a huge incentive to do so, since she would have a private lab and a chance to actually contribute in finding a cure for Parkinson’s. It took Amelia hardly any time at all to determine that she was on board.

For Meredith, however, the sentiment was different, and that was even knowing that 1) she’d be the face of the operation and 2) there was a potential love interest in Nick Marsh out there for her.

What did you think about the events of Grey’s Anatomy season 18 episode 2?

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