Squid Game’s easy-to-miss clue that gave away Netflix horror’s twist all along

EAGLE-EYED fans have spotted Squid Game’s easy-to-miss clue which gave away the Netflix horror’s killer twist.

Fans of Netlix’s smash series Squid Game have spotted a major clue that foreshadows the eponymous game’s creator.


Squid Game fans have spotted a clue that revealed the show’s twist in episode fiveCredit: Splash
Viewers noticed how a file started with 002 instead of 001


Viewers noticed how a file started with 002 instead of 001

Like any good show or movie that leans into mystery, the Korean survival drama series is stuffed with subtle details many viewers would easily miss.

But Squid Game fans are a sharp-eyed bunch, and they think they’re onto something with an episode five easter egg.

The critically-acclaimed and utterly bonkers show centres on a contest in which hundreds of players, all from different walks of life but each saddled with debt, compete in a hazardous series of kids’ games.

The prize? 45.6 billion won. That’s a whopping £28 million, by the way. The snag? Oh, just the mere chance of death.

Across the debut season, which was much more popular than Netflix or writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk had expected, the identity of the game’s twisted creator is discussed here and there.

That sadistic individual’s identity is eventually revealed (no spoilers here), but fans think the writers dropped in a sneaky hint before then.

Did they, though? Seems possible for sure.

After rewatching the series and going over it with a fine-tooth comb, one fan believes they’ve unearthed a massive clue in episode five, A Fair World.

Much of the episode follows Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) and his team trying to make it through an especially tricky night.

But after one particular scene caught the fan’s eye, they raced over to Reddit’s Squid Game board to share the discovery. 

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They wrote: “When the detective is looking at this year’s player files, they start with 002. As we all know, 001 is an inside job, so he wasn’t included in the files. I think this is quite neat.”

Oddly, the post didn’t draw a huge crowd, but one user did call it “a good theory,” while another joined in to say other fans had come to the same conclusion.

The game is actually decades-old, originally created by the wealthy 001 or Oh Il-nam (O Yeong-su) to amuse his bored pals and punish a society he sees as broken.

In the season finale, after participating for the first time to recapture his youth, Il-nam squares up to the winner Gi-hun with the challenge of one final game.

Il-nam’s terms? If a homeless person isn’t helped by midnight, his thoughts on humanity will be confirmed and he’ll scoop the cash.


In a nifty twist, someone helps the homeless person and shows mankind isn’t as awful as Il-nam suspected, but Il-nam dies before the end of the game.

Funny thing is, Il-nam should have known that already after Gi-hun shared his backstory with the old man in episode five and also tended to him when he got sick.  

Gi-hun triumphs ultimately, but with Il-nam’s ideas about a damaged world now discredited, what was it all for? Absolutely nothing, so he decides to take a stand against the game!

Dong-hyuk has certainly paved the way for a second season, but nothing has been confirmed just yet. 

The series has become Netflix's biggest show to date


The series has become Netflix’s biggest show to dateCredit: AFP

Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix now.

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