Staffy cross drives tractor in a tutu and sunglasses in bonkers video

Working dogs can be extremely talented and well trained – from herding sheep to protecting their land.

But one dog has even learned how to ride a tractor with absolutely no human assistance, as seen in this bizarre video.

Zoe, a Staffordshire bull terrier cross German shepherd, is a superbly talented pup, and can do anything from skateboarding to surfing.

But one of her most impressive tricks has to be riding a tractor at her owner, Brian Reichelt’s plant nursery in Queensland, Australia.

In the clip, Zoe – known as Zoe the Wonderdog – is seen wearing a pink tutu and a pair of sunglasses as she drives the small tractor slowly along the path.

Zoe absolutely rocks her pink tutu and sunglasses as she trundles along

Her hind legs are planted on the seat of the tractor with her paws on the steering wheel, and she even seems to look around to check the coast is clear for her trailer full of veggies.

The video was first filmed in March 2018, but has recently resurfaced after being posted to the popular video sharing app, TikTok.

The video, posted by Brian, was captioned: “So this is my first try on the work tractor and I’m doggedly determined to get it – but – I’m good hey! Girls can do anything!

“Notice I drive really slow and careful and I look through my safety sunnies around checking my space.”

One person suggested Zoe should have her own TV show, whilst another added: “I notice she is very safety conscious, driving slowly and looking around with her safety sunglasses!”

Zoe has her own Instagram account and Facebook page, where Brian shares all the fun things they get up to, with Zoe particularly talented at “begging, playing dead, jumping, swimming, skateboarding and surfing”.

In the UK, there is actually an annual dog surfing championship which sees dozens of water-loving dogs compete in a range of events in the sea off Branksome Dene Chine near Poole, Dorset.

Zoe doesn't just ride tractors, she can also surf and skateboard
Zoe doesn’t just ride tractors, she can also surf and skateboard

This year the competition was won by Bear the beagle, whose owner James said: “I’ve been taking part since the competition started three years ago. I just love being outdoors and being with the dog.

“I go paddleboarding a lot and I don’t like to leave him at home, so if he can come out with us then it makes it even more fun.”

And from Portugal street dog to paddle boarding superstar, Scooter the poodle cross is also an excellent canine surfer .

The registered therapy dog is well known in his hometown of Sidlesham, West Sussex, for his blue mohawk.


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