Star Jones Reveals the Real Reason behind her Leaving The View

Star Jones leaving “The View” came as a shock to many who watched the show that Tuesday. The announcement also shocked Jones’ co-star and creator of the show, Barbara Walters.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network chose to not renew Jones’ contract for the upcoming season. Walters stated that when the network began doing research, they found that viewers were turned off by Jones’ weight loss and her wedding to her former husband Al Reynolds, per Today. “We tried to give Star time to redeem herself in the eyes of the audience, and the research just kept getting worse,” Walters said, via Today. From there, Jones announced she would be leaving the show.

She later went on to say that leaving the show felt like she had been fired by the network. Years later, when she returned to the talk show to discuss women’s heart health, Jones looked back on that time. “It was ugly,” Jones said, via THR. “Nasty things were being said in the media, it just wasn’t a good emotional time.”


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