Star Trek’s William Shatner jokes he’s taking John Barrowman into space

Star Trek’s William Shatner told Scots Doctor Who and Dancing on Ice star John Barrowman that he was ‘taking him into space’ as she shared his first picture of his astronaut outfit.

William, who is going in to space with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin company, shared a message he’d received from Torchwood star John ahead of his mission.

The Hollywood star had previously shared a picture of himself dressed in the blue tracksuit style outfit and grey trainers saying: “Aren’t we all adorbs!”

As some fans suggested William don a mustard coloured shirt to resemble his Star Trek Captain character, others were just thrilled to see him ready to go boldly where no man had gone before.

John Barrowman said: This is just incredible @WilliamShatner #CaptainJamesTKirk you must be thrilled and so excited.

From one fictional space traveler to another, I can only dream. You get to do it! Jb (Captain Jack Harkness) “

William responded to John saying: “Thank you my friend. I’m taking all of my dear friends into Space in my heart that is filled with love for you all.”

Fans were delighted at the exchange and one said: “If you peer out the window and see a man clinging to the outside, it’s not a gremlin this time. It’s John.”

Captain Jack Harkness (JOHN BARROWMAN)

Another joked: “Does this mean we have to deal with Klingons by Friday? Only joking. God’s speed.”

And a third said: “Looking forward to what you will be telling us about the final frontier!”


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