Stephanie Davis Reveals Tragic Miscarriage Story In A Heart Breaking Tribute To Her Baby

Stephanie Davis shares a son, Caben, with her ex Jeremy McConnell and was excited to give her son a sibling. Fans had been speculating that Davis might be pregnant with her boyfriend, Oliver Tasker’s baby, after sharing that she was having problems with her skin and craving curry.

While fans had hoped to hear that the actress was pregnant, her recent Instagram post was the opposite. It contained a tragic update that no one saw coming.


Davis took to Instagram to share a video of her finding out she was pregnant and revealing the news to her boyfriend, Oliver Tasker. The video was set to Mariah Carey’s song “Always Be My Baby.”

In normal circumstances, this would have been heartwarming. Unfortunately, the announcement also came with the heartbreaking revelation that Davis could not carry the baby to term.

Davis reveals she and Tasker were waiting until the 12-week mark to tell fans. However, the couple already shared the news with their family and friends, who were all excited for the couple.


However, before Davis reached the 12-week mark, she began feeling severe pain and bleeding which resulted in her being rushed to the hospital. She was kept under close observation with many scans and blood tests.

After the scans and blood tests, the doctors revealed that she had miscarried her baby. Davis was heartbroken by the news and told fans she had lost everything she had “dreamt about and was happy about.”


Davis explained that the reason she had been so quiet on social media was that she was dealing with this ordeal and couldn’t bring herself to share it on social media until she was completely ready.

The star started her post, insisting that what she was dealing with was nobody’s business but her own, which reiterated how personal her post was and how painful the ordeal had been for the star.


The star also revealed that she felt “all over the place,” and even though she was early on in her pregnancy, it still hurts her to know that she has lost what she thought was going to be her happy ending.

Davis said that once the bleeding had stopped, she had lost her baby, making the entire ordeal seem more real. She said that she and a friend had laughed at how her hormones were affecting her at the beginning of the pregnancy, but the hormones at the end of her pregnancy were not met with as many smiles.

Since posting the video on her Instagram page, Davis revealed she had spent a lot of time thinking, “What if?” and reflecting on what could have been if she had not lost her baby.

She recently shared a photo to her Instagram story to help others navigate what you should and shouldn’t say to someone following a miscarriage.


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