Storm Arwen: 10 Much-Needed Hacks To Keep Your House Warm During Arctic Blast


A property expert has shared 10 hacks you will need to keep your house toasty warm amid Storm Arwen and the harsher winter months. 

A man, known as That Property Guy, has taken to TikTok to reveal the best ways to make sure the heat stays inside your house this festive season, from adjusting and adding to your radiators, installing insulation, to closing curtains. Watch and learn below:

In his most recent post, @thatpropertyguy has taken 30 seconds to offer particularly useful advice off the back of the disruption and harsh conditions that Storm Arwen has caused, with winds having reached up to 100mph and a pub in the Yorkshire Dales even having seen all its guests trapped inside by over five feet of snow.

In the clip, shared on November, 27, which has amassed more than one million views, the man says, ‘It’s getting a bit chilly, so here’s 10 hacks to keep your house warm in 30 seconds.’

The property expert then goes on to suggest all manner of ways of how you could help preserve heat in all rooms, starting with utilising your radiators properly.

10 Hacks To Stay Warm - @thatpropertyguy/ TikTok @thatpropertyguy/TikTok

Bleed your radiators to make them run efficiently. And speaking of radiators, use reflector foil to reflect the heat back into the room.

Use thermostatic valves if you haven’t already. Programme your thermostat so you’re not wasting heat throughout the day.

Simple acts like closing blinds and curtains can also help retain heat, as will moving furniture away from radiators to stop them absorbing heat.

If you want to have a go at fulfilling Insulate Britain’s proposition to the government, then you can even insulate your own walls, pipes and lofts.

You can also stop cold air from coming in by installing draught-proofing around windows and doors, if you fancy yourself as a bit of an amateur handyman.

10 Hacks To Keep House Warm - @thatpropertyguy/ TikTok@thatpropertyguy/TikTok

Rugs are also a beneficial addition to ‘keep your feet warm if you have hard-wood floors’.

Furthermore, after cooking, you can even use the oven as a make-shift radiator by leaving it open so its heat radiates into the rest of the room.

The Property Guy even gave a ‘bonus’ tip of doubling up on some nice woolly socks.

10 Hacks To Keep House Warm (@thatpropertyguy/TikTok)@thatpropertyguy/TikTok

The post has since amassed more than 100,000 likes and 600 comments, with users flooding to the comments to debate the hacks. One said, ‘And light candles!!! It’s amazing how much they warm up a room.’

I’m literally sat here at 2:30am in my pjs, dressing gown and with a hat and scarf on in my own house. I’m warm tho.

A third commented, ‘Or move to Australia.’


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