Story Of How A Woman Find Out Hidden Closet Behind Wallpaper

A woman ripped off the wallpaper in the old house she and her husband moved into and discovered a door hidden by bricks. What did she find behind it? 

Magra was a young woman who had just married the love of her life. His name was Sam, and they dated for five years prior to their marriage.

After they returned from their honeymoon, the pair started to hunt for a home they could start their family in. Magra had a long list of essential factors that would determine if the house was suitable.

Some of them included the distance from the school their kids would attend as well as how far it would be from their respective workplaces.

When a real estate agent took them to a Victorian-style house that checked all the boxes, Magna and Sam wasted no time in paying for the place and signing the paperwork.

What they didn’t know was that the house was no ordinary house. It had a secret, and it did not take long for the newlywed couple to discover it.

On one fateful day, Magra, who had been agonizing over planning the house decor for weeks since they moved in, set her eyes on the wallpaper that covered most of the house.

Magra and Sam didn't know that the house was no ordinary house | Source: Pexels

She did not very much like the design, so she decided to get rid of it and buy new ones that would match the furniture she had ordered.

That day, she had ripped the wallpaper off one section of the house when she noticed that it covered a brick wall. It was out of place because the house had been built with strong wood, which meant the walls should have been as well.

“Sam?” she called out to her husband that day. “Come see this.”

“What is it?” he asked when he reached her.

“Look at this,” she said, pointing to the brick wall. “This section of the walls is made of bricks. Is that possible?”

“It shouldn’t be,” Sam said. “The bricks may have been used to conceal something, see if it’s in the shape of a door.”

“You’re right,” Magra said with a smile. “Wanna see what’s behind it?”

“Naturally,” Sam replied, a twinkle in his brown eyes.

They broke down the hidden wall and found a door behind it | Source: Pexels

Later that day, they broke down the brick wall, and sure enough, there was a door behind it. The door led to a medium-sized room that looked straight out of a centuries-old movie. Both Sam and Magra had no idea what to make of it, so they decided to meet the real estate agent who sold them the house.

They asked him for the history of the place, and he revealed to them that the house used to belong to a wealthy family with a tragic story.

The patriarch of the family was named John, and his wife was Mary. Together they raised two boys, Josh and Abel, who both grew up to become soldiers.

One day they were called off to war. The battlefield was a gruesome experience for them as they were separated from their squad after an enemy ambush.

The brothers were separated from their squad after an enemy ambush | Source: Pexels

They crept around the warzone for hours until they located a decrepit house that could serve as shelter. They approached it but were shocked when they discovered young children hiding inside it.

“What are you doing here kids?” Abel asked them.

“We live here,” the oldest of them answered. “We’re from an orphanage but it was burned down during the war so we decided to take refuge here.”

“Where are all the adults?” Cain asked.

“There are no adults sir, just us,” the oldest child answered.

The brothers crept around the war zone for hours until they located a decrepit house that could serve as shelter | Source: Pexels

As they spoke, they heard soldiers passing. They were enemy soldiers who heard voices during their patrol. The scene quickly became violent as the soldiers scrambled to kill who they perceived as enemies regardless of the orphans.

Abel and Josh rushed the kids into the building to escape the gunfire, but just seconds after they did, a grenade flew through the window and rolled into the room they were in.

Josh took to his heels, hoping to avoid the blast, but Abel dove towards the kids and covered them with his large body so that he took the brunt of the explosion.

Abel protected the children from the explosion with his large body. | Source: Pexels

Abel and the kids survived the night, but Josh was nowhere to be found. Abel had to be treated for a long time, but he was awarded medals for his bravery when he recovered.

Back home, he told his parents that Josh abandoned him on the battlefield when he ran for his life. His parents were stunned by his words, but they held out hope that their son would return, so they decided to leave his room untouched.

Josh did not return to the family, and just before their demise, the former owners of the house used bricks to block off his room in an attempt to keep it secure.

Abel inherited the place after their demise, and he also never checked out his brother’s room. He lived in the house, alone, until he perished.

Abel was awarded medals for his bravery | Source: Pexels

“And that’s why the house has spent so long on the market. Nobody wanted to deal with such a place,” the real estate agent finished.

Sam and Magra returned to the house with heavy hearts. They were sad about what happened, which is why they decided to clean out the room so they could move on.

As they cleaned, Magra noticed a book on the table. It looked old and worn with its yellowed pages.

The book turned out to be a diary that held a confession from Abel. Apparently, what people thought had happened on the night he and Josh found the orphanage was a lie.

Magra and Sam found a book that turned out to be an diary of Abel's confession | Source: Pexels

Josh was also not his real brother but a boy his parents adopted when they were having trouble giving birth. They had grown up side by side, but Abel was always jealous of the attention his parents showered on Josh.

That night they were set upon by soldiers, Josh had been the one to save them all by covering the grenade with his body, but Abel had lied to everyone because he didn’t want them to love his brother more than they did him.

He later regretted his actions, and his guilt worked a number on him. So he wrote the diary to appease that guilt, and he left it in his brother’s old room.

“I hope heaven accepts me; I would very much like to see my brother again,” were the words Abel ended his account with.

After much contemplation, Magra and Sam decided to turn the room into a museum to honor Josh, who died a hero.


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