Stray dog who invaded World Cup pitch then peed all over Jimmy Greaves’ shirt

A lot of football fans may remember watching the World cup quarter-finals match between England and Brazil held in Chile.

For those that don’t know, Brazil beat England 3-1 and went on to win the World Cup finals.

What was truly memorable about that game was the moment a four-legged furry invader snuck onto the field and tried to steal the limelight from Brazilian right-winger Garrincha.

Players were surprised to see a black dog run alongside them, which automatically caused the game to pause while the pup gave the players the run-around.

Eventually, England’s football legend Jimmy Greaves got a hold of the notorious pup, but then he ended up getting more than what he bargained for when he tried to coax the dog away from the game.

Jimmy Greaves outpaces an Uruguay defender during the 1966 FIFA World Cup Finals

Jimmy, who sadly passed away on September 19, aged 81, attempted to capture the dog after it darted past goalkeeper Ron Springett.

After a short period of time, he managed to pick up the dog – but soon regretted his decision.

Explaining the experience, Jimmy told FIFA : “The referee had stopped the game and no-one could get hold of this dog.

“I got down on my hands and knees, being a dog lover anyway, and called it over.

“It got a massive cheer and I picked the dog up and cuddled him. But as I cuddled him, he peed all down my shirt!

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“You never had changed strips in those days, you just had the one shirt, so I had to play on with it.

“I smelt so bad, it was awful. But at least it meant the Brazilian defenders stayed clear of me!”

After having captured the nation’s heart, the dog was taken to Brazil and raffled amongst the victorious Brazilian squad.

Mané Garrincha, who was crowned the tournament’s star player, won the draw and named the dog Bi, short for ‘bicampeonato’ – a nod to Brazil’s second successive world title.

The dog was taken to Garrincha’s beloved village of Pau Grande to live out his days alongside the sporting superstar.


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