Student shares video of rented house that looks like a set from a horror film

A TikTok user shared a video of their rented home, and it had two rooms referred to as ‘the cave’, a bathroom with a peephole in the door, and what appears to be several years worth of neglect

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Student’s TikTok tour of state of shared accomadation

An unimpressed student has shared a video of their rented home that looks like it could be a set from a horror film.

TikTok user @xx_watdoginator_xx shared a video tour of the student digs with their 116,000 followers – showing them ‘the cave’, the toilet peephole, and an eerie locked attic room.

He also shows the garden, which appears to be a ladder leaning against a wall with plastic bottles strung up from a structure above.

The video soon went viral with one million views, as others quipped that it “looks like a house that was built by someone that’s never seen a house before”.

The garden looks like the worst bit of the house



A student in ‘the cave’ of the nightmarish property



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In the clip, sarcastically captioned “things in my uni house that just make sense”, the TikTok user shows two rooms known as ‘the cave’, and a third room dubbed ‘the random room that isn’t a fire hazard’ – but really is as it’s filled with wood.

Many of the rooms seem badly run-down, with concrete on the walls, exposed copper piping, holes in the walls, and very oddly placed furnishings.

One of the showers has a ‘skylight’, which is an unfrosted circular window in the ceiling, and one toilet has a peephole in the door – which hopefully looks out, not in.

This room is weirdly locked, and the students have no idea what’s in there



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One of the bedrooms has ‘these weird wire things’ hanging from the ceiling, where a whole has been cut from the room above and wires hang down from the roof.

Then, there’s another attic room which is sealed, with a bolt across the hatch and a padlock on the latch.

The clip proved popular with TikTok users and soon had 116,000 likes and over 1,000 comments.

One user said: “This is by far the most cursed one I’ve ever seen.”

And another added: “Human rights violations left, right, and centre.”

While a third added: “Student houses are some of the most derelict buildings ever. To any students going into a shared house, bring layers – it’ll be cold.”

“This escalated higher than I ever thought it could”, wrote another user.

And someone else simply wrote: “I feel harassed, alarmed, and distressed and I don’t even live there.”

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