Stunt divides TikTok after man eats ‘world’s biggest burger’ in front of vegans

A TikTok stunt has caused controversy on the platform after a prankster ate what he says was the world’s biggest burger in front of a group of vegan activists.

@yourajokeman aka Jordan Adams shared a TikTok clip over the weekend after he was challenged to “eat the world’s biggest burger in front of vegan protesters.”

The video, which appears to have been shot in Birmingham city centre, shows the TikTok star, who has more than 750,000 followers, eat the meat item in front of a group of vegan protesters, many of whom are standing in a circle, wearing “anonymous” Guy Fawkes masks and holding television screens and signs condemning animal cruelty.

However, the prank is soon met with some hostility from the protesters with one sarcastically says “he’s so funny ain’t he” before adding: “You like a joke don’t you?”

Another protester points out to a police officer in a nearby car that the TikToker has been littering which is a “finable offence.” A third activist asks him if he is “proud of what he is doing” before calling him “pathetic.”

The person who is filming the video claims that they are promoting “meat eating” which he feels they should be allowed to promote, just like the vegans are promoting veganism. The clip ends with Adams calling his stunt “fire.”

The clip, which at the time of writing has been viewed more than six million times, has caused some division on TikTok with some finding it funny but others branding it “disrespectful.”

One person called it “low tier comedy” with another stating: “I’m not a vegan but this is not original I’ve seen countless people do this and never found it funny.”

A third added: “I can’t help but think this is extremely disrespectful. I’m not vegan but I think we should respect everyone’s decisions to a certain extent.”

However, he did have some supporters with one person writing “I’m vegan and I found this funny”. Another said: “Why can they be mad but expect people to be ok with them holding up signs of dead animals?”


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