Subway Employee Fired After Putting Ingredients On Toilet Seat In Viral Video


A Subway employee has been fired after taking part in a viral video stunt which saw him wreaking havoc in one of the chain’s stores.

In the latest scandal since the debate around the true identity of Subway‘s tuna, an employee of the sandwich chain has been fired after pulling a prank involving the store’s deli meats.

In a bizarre turn of events, an employee called Jumanne Way took to Instagram to share with followers a day in the life of being a Subway employee.

From stealing bottles, to also (strangely) cleaning up the kitchen, but then redecorating the bathroom armed with salami, Way commented, ‘I don’t know how I got to this point in my life.’

Subway (Alamy)Alamy

Way‘s vlog continues, showing followers what he got up to in the store, from ‘having to steal’ four Gatorades, to paradoxically continuing his duties by working overtime to clean up the kitchen.

Way noted how he worked ‘two hours and 20 minutes’ longer than he should have – perhaps he saw the art installation in the toilet and four Gatorades as compensation?

The bizarre post has since amassed over 14,700 views, 173 likes and 232 comments, with users taking to the Instagram in confusion over Way’s strange behaviour. One said: ‘Not the meat onna toilet seat.’

‘Gotta figure out my next move’… Don’t worry, a judge is gonna take care of that for you.

A third commented: ‘@subway this is gross and needs to be addressed.’

Despite Way’s Instagram bio appearing to state that his videos ‘are fake’, he told the Daily Mail how due to being a ‘content creator’, he creates ‘controversial videos to be able to potentially monetize [his] audience on YouTube and other social media platforms’.

Further videos showed the ex-employee as having trashed the site even further, even though his offences could have risked convictions, Indy100 reports. Way explained that he was ‘willing to take a higher risk for a higher reward’ and Subway subsequently fired him after the video became viral, according to Newsweek.

The sandwich chain stated:

Subway and our network of franchisees take health and food safety extremely seriously and don’t condone any behaviour that violates our strict policies in these areas.

Subway concluded that while the ‘restaurants are individually owned and operated’, it was confirmed Way would be ‘immediately terminated’ from his duties with the ‘franchisee of this location […] after he learned of the employee’s actions’.


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