Super Junior Eunhyuk Dating History: Here’s Why the ‘Bonamana’ Singer Was Rumored to be in a Relationship with IU

Being a popular singer since his debut in 2005, Super Junior Eunhyuk is surrounded by numerous beautiful and talented female stars. Hence, it’s no wonder that he is caught up in several dating rumors, one of which was with the “Nation’s Little Sister” IU.

This dating rumor between Eunhyuk and IU is considered one of the most scandalous in the music industry. Continue reading to find out why the two stars were involved in such a shocking issue.

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Why was Super Junior Eunhyuk Rumored to be Dating IU?

In early November 2012, IU uploaded a photo of her with Eunhyuk to her Twitter account. The picture was deleted just two minutes after it was shared. Because of this, many speculate the two to be dating.

In the image, the two celebrities appear to be lying down on a bed. IU is wearing pink pajamas, while Super Junior Eunhyuk seems to be shirtless.

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This one single picture became a hot topic among fans and netizens, with “IU and Eunhyuk” trending worldwide on Twitter. While many people sent their messages of support to the two stars, there were also numerous negative responses directed towards IU. They expressed their disappointment in the female soloist, who they describe as an innocent, pure, and kind young sister.

Super Junior Eunhyuk and IU

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In addition to dating rumors of Super Junior Eunhyuk and IU, there were speculations of marriage and pregnancy, as well.

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Shortly after the image of IU and Eunhyuk were posted online, the female soloist’s agency LOEN Entertainment released an official statement.

The company clarified that the photo was taken when Super Junior member Eunhyuk visited IU who was sick at that time. They added that the solo artist meant to post something else on Twitter but uploaded the picture by mistake.

Super Junior Eunhyuk

(Photo : Super Junior Facebook)

LOEN Entertainment went on to say that IU and Super Junior Eunhyuk have been close friends since IU’s debut. Eunhyuk is also a family friend; he even met IU’s mom and enjoyed lunch together.

SM Entertainment, on the other hand, chose to keep silent since LOEN Entertainment already issued a statement.

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Six months after the dating scandal, IU appeared on the variety show “Incarnation” and talked about this issue. She shared that she was questioning herself why the rumors happened and that she did upload the photo by mistake. She then sincerely apologized to everyone, including Eunhyuk.

IU also shared that Eunhyuk had the time to ask her if she was okay. And as a reply, she said that she didn’t have the right to be okay and that she just wanted to say sorry to everyone.


(Photo : Instagram: @dlwlrma)

Even after apologizing, lots of people had a hard time letting the incident drop. Many netizens find it strange that IU posted the photo “by mistake.” They pointed out that uploading a photo is a process that it requires not only one step to complete, so they find IU’s explanation difficult to believe.

The dating rumors of Super Junior member Eunhyuk and IU eventually subsided as other scandals of artists emerged.

Do you think Super Junior Eunhyuk was in a relationship with IU?

Super Junior Eunhyuk Current Relationship Status and Ideal Type

At present, Eunhyuk is believed to be dating no one. He has also not announced to the public that he is in a relationship with someone at the moment.

Super Junior Eunhyuk

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Regarding his ideal type for a girlfriend, Super Junior Eunhyuk said in “Date With” magazine that he used to consider the outer appearance, but now he cares more for internal characteristics.

He explained that he likes a lady who is pretty, sweet, and fair-skinned, and also has pretty eyes. He is also interested in girls with curly hair.

Eunhyuk then revealed that he likes Yano Shiho as she appears to be nice as both a mother and a wife.

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