Tattoo artist shares strangest and most painful requests he’s ever received

A tattoo artist has opened up about the strangest tattoo he’s ever done – and also explained his inspirations.

Juan Sanchez, from Valencia, Spain, who used to airbrush cars began his career as an artist 12 years ago, but he’s always loved tattoos.

He told the Daily Star: “My first tattoo was in 2000 – how time flies – I tattooed some flowers and letters.

“I have covered my entire head, chest arms and back, but haven’t done my legs at all yet.

“Some was done by friends in the industry, but others cost around 2,000 to 3,000 euros a session.”

He regularly posts snaps of his latest hyper-realistic work on Instagram, @juansancheztattoo, including detailed depictions of Greek mythological characters like Zeus and religious imagery.

Juan’s human portraits are so realistic that you could be looking at a photograph.

Juan’s favourite tattoo is his backpiece

And, Juan has even picked up a tattoo gun and drawn art on himself.

He explained: “I have my hand and forearm done by myself and it was really difficult!

“It was painful too and my wife helped me to stretch the skin.”

His favourite inking is on his back and was designed and tattooed by @chueyquintanar _ the whole back piece is a stunning image of Jesus in a thorn crown.

The artist also has a number of other designs on his body including skulls, a 1920s woman in a flapper hat, knuckle inkings and a headpiece featuring roses.

Some clients can't handle the pain of a head tattoo
Some clients can’t handle the pain of a head tattoo

Juan is a sought after artist who has inked many people including his wife GG Montecarlo.

But, not everyone is easy to tattoo.

Juan commented: “I don’t cause too much pain, but one client from Madrid took it very hard, he got a tattoo on his head and couldn’t move.

“He wanted to kill me.”

And, the strangest tattoo he’s ever done came as a surprise to the artist.

Juan's work is hyper-realistic
Juan’s work is hyper-realistic

Juan explained: “Someone asked for an entire leg with a caiman [crocodile] texture all with full colour.

“Whereas my favourite tattoo was an Egyptian girl on the entire chest and the whole leg of my wife.”

The popular artist also advises ink lovers to be mindful of their placement – as some areas hurt more than others.

He commented: “The head and ribs are the most painful to get tattooed.”

So keep that in mind if you decide to get inked!

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