Taylor Swift Reveals How Grateful She Is Towards Her Fans While Accepting The Gracie Awards!!

On October 5, Taylor Swift attended the virtual Gracie Awards and thanked her fans when she received the grand award for special or variety presented to her by gymnast Simone Biles. 

The Gracie Awards was held virtually this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic via the Alliance For Women in Media’s Facebook page on Tuesday night.

The awards were filled with talented women and voices for the voiceless, but Taylor Swift used her award to bring attention to everything that her fans have done for her during her time in the spotlight.

The Gracie Awards is an awards ceremony created by women for women. The awards celebrate women in the media who create programming and other entertainment that celebrate women.

The awards are named after Gracie Allen, an American comedian. They acknowledge both team and individual achievements made by women in the media to make positive changes in the world.

This year, the awards saw winners such as Catherine O’Hara for Actress in a Leading Role in “Schitt’s Creek” and “Hear Her Voice (Nightline)” for Hard News Feature.


While the Gracie Awards are always filled with strong women making a positive change in the media world for other women, Swift decided she would make a positive change by acknowledging her fans when accepting her award.

She won the award for “Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions,” and instead of talking about what the award meant to her and how hard she had worked on the project that won her the award, she spoke about her fans.

Swift accepted the award by sharing her gratitude with her fans for their support, saying:

“Thank you for caring about all of this, thank you for being the reason why we could come together in this way. You made this album into what it is and you continue to blow me away all the time.”

When decorated gymnast Simone Biles presented the award to Swift, she thanked the singer for being by her side during this year’s Tokyo Olympics and expressed her love for the singer, to which Swift replied:

“I absolutely adore you, and that just really made my heart skip a beat.”

The uplifting exchange between Biles and Swift was in true Gracie Awards spirit and reinforced the idea of the awards as a whole.


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