Teen, 15, gets USB cable stuck in his penis in experiment to ‘measure member length’

A TEENAGER who was trying to measure the length of his penis got a USB cable stuck after the experiment went wrong.

The 15-year-old from London had to have surgery to remove the knotted cable after it got stuck.


The teenager presented to hospital with his mum and medics carried out an X-ray. The image above shows the cable lodge inside the teenagerCredit: Urology case report
The cable was removed and the knot (top right) had to be taken out first


The cable was removed and the knot (top right) had to be taken out firstCredit: Urology case report

Despite the teen trying to remove it himself, both ends of the cable were left hanging out of his member.

His family were forced to take him to accident and emergency after he urinated blood.

Staff at the unknown hospital were unable to pull it out and the teen was transferred to University College Hospital London for more treatment and was eventually sent for surgery.

Published in Urology Case Reports, the experts said that on presenting at hospital, the teen asked to be examined without his mum in the room.

He admitted to hospital staff that he had tried to measure his penis with the cable.

The surgeons had to cut into the area between his genitals and anus (the bulbospongiosus muscle) in order to get the cable out.

They were able to pull the knotted part of the cable out through the incision before taking the remaining bits of cable out.

Luckily he didn’t need further treatment and was able to go home the next day.

The experts said: “No evidence of psychiatric disorder was existing and the “experimentation” was noted as the cause of insertion.

“This constituted another case of sexual curiosity resulting in a challenging urological emergency, managed effectively with open surgery and without any short-term complications.”

The boy had to have a follow up scan two weeks later and will require monitoring in the future.

Putting things in your penis is a risk and many issues could arise such as painful erections, a hole in the bladder and urinating blood.

The image above points to a possible narrowing of the urethra, caused by the USB being stuck up there


The image above points to a possible narrowing of the urethra, caused by the USB being stuck up thereCredit: Urology case report

One expert warned that if you introduce anything into the body that is not sterile then it could cause complications.

Consultant andrologist, from private health clinic International Andrology London Dr Amr Raheem said situations like this are becoming more common due to things such as social media which allow misinformation to be spread.

Speaking to MailOnline, he advised anyone thinking of measuring their penis with a USB to not go ahead with the experiment..

Doctors have recently warned about the dangers of men messing with their private parts.

One doctor said one viral trend called ‘scrotox’ could actually make your penis smaller.

Another TikTok doctor also warned about being careful during sex after one man damaged his penis after a ‘rampant session’.

Doctor warns against viral Scrotox trend claiming it can make your penis look smaller

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