Teen Mom fan slams Jenelle Evans’ parenting as she was ‘blocked’ on Instagram for asking about ‘beer bottles in her car’

A TEEN Mom fan has called out Jenelle Evans for her parenting deicisons after alleging she “blocked” her on social media.

The MTV viewer took to Reddit to sarcastically joke about how Jenelle’s young daughter Ensely, 4, was “having fun” on a recent family day out.


The fan alleged Jenelle had blocked her on social mediaCredit: TikTok/@jenellelevans
It followed comments about Jenelle drinking beer in her car


It followed comments about Jenelle drinking beer in her carCredit: TIKTOK

The fan sparked a furious debate in the comments section of a Reddit post about Jenelle, 29, and her husband David, 33, after alleging she had been “blocked” by the star.

Posting a grab from a recent TikTok video shared by the Teen Mom star, the fan wrote: “Check out Ensley in the back, the face of a kid truly having fun.”

The snap saw the four-year-old looking solemn as her dad David posed in front of her for the camera while out on a family fishing trip.

The fan went on to reveal she had been “blocked” by the MTV alum after she spotted “beer bottles in her car” and reached out to ask her about it.

“Also, Jenelle blocked me for asking about the beer bottles in her car,” the mystery Redditer added alongside a series of laughing faces.

Other furious social media users headed to the comments to launch an attack at Jenelle and David for using Ensely as a “photo prop”.

“You know that poor child just wants to curl up on the couch, and instead she’s used as a photo prop for two s*** swamp monsters,” one wrote.

To which the original poster wrote back in agreement: “I feel like she’d be happy on the boat if she had normal parents who treated her well.”

“The face of a child who is constantly dragged out with their drunk parents,” a second scathingly added, to which the poster wrote: “Yep.”

“Jenelle is on a blocking spree,” a third said, as the fan again wrote back: “There were tons of negative comments but she felt victimized by mine?

“I said: ‘Do you also address the empty beer bottle in the car? And the fact that David was driving under the influence with your kids in the car?'”

“Instantly blocked,” the poster concluded. “I guess what I was saying was so true she can’t even bear to leave it there (sic).”

It comes after Jenelle was slammed by fans last November for drinking beer while a passenger in her car – telling her to “grow up”.

It’s not the only time Jenelle has sparked concern with her drinking habits, either – as fans speculated she had a drinking problem in August.

The Teen Mom alum recently denied having an “alcohol problem” to her followers despite appearing to “drink every day”.

In a YouTube video Jenelle shared last week, two cans of Natural Light were visible in the bed as she lay next to husband David Eason.

The reality star was filming the aftermath of her visit to the doctor, where she had an endoscopy to help treat her esophageal spasms.

She lay back with the covers up to her chin and told the camera she feels a little “groggy”, as David moved the beer cans out of the camera shot.


Eagle-eyed viewers spotted the alcohol, however, and questioned why she’d be drinking beer while complaining of health issues.

“Why are there natural light cans in their bed?” one critic asked.

Another commented: “She’s literally laying up in bed supposedly after an endoscopy and David is sitting there with two visibly cold Natural Lights that he desperately tries to hide from the camera shot.”

A third viewer posted: “Almost missed the two cold Natural Light beers David brought over into bed for her after the endoscopy.”

Jenelle suffers from a slew of health problems, including a condition that causes cysts on her spine and debilitating back pain as well as esophageal spasms which hinder her eating.

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Despite this, fans noticed that she always seemed to be drinking a form of alcohol – whether it be while hanging out in the pool or working on her podcast.

Last week, they spotted her sipping a can of White Claw while dancing and barbecuing.


“It seems like you drink every. single. Day!!! It can’t be good for your health problems,” one follower wrote.

Jenelle hit back at critics, raging on TikTok: “Y’all, I was born in ’91. So, let’s do the math. I’m 29 years old. I can drink.

“If I want to switch to wine from beer, I’m gonna switch. I don’t care if y’all know because I don’t have an alcohol problem. That’s why I don’t care.”

“So for you to constantly bring this up, I don’t know your point.” 

At the end, she told fans that she doesn’t “really give two f**ks” what they think about how much she does or does not drink.

Jenelle married David in 2017 and has three children – son Jace, 11, with her ex Andrew Lewis, son Kaiser, 7, with ex Nathan Griffith and daughter Ensley, 4, with David.

The fan took to Reddit with a grab from a recent TikTok made by Jenelle


The fan took to Reddit with a grab from a recent TikTok made by JenelleCredit: TIKTOK
The star has previously hit out against drinking claims


The star has previously hit out against drinking claimsCredit: Instagram/Janelle Evans
Jenelle has insisted that she does not have a drinking problem


Jenelle has insisted that she does not have a drinking problemCredit: TIKTOK
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