Teen Mom fans slam ‘selfish’ Cheyenne Floyd after she rips ex Cory Wharton for ‘partying too much while she’s pregnant’

TEEN Mom OG fans slammed “selfish” Cheyenne Floyd after she ripped ex Cory Wharton for “partying too much while she’s pregnant.”

The 29-year-old criticized Cory for not being around to help raise their four-year-old daughter.


Fans slammed Cheyenne for how she spoke to Cory during Tuesday’s episode

During Tuesday’s new episode of the MTV show, Cory stopped by Cheyenne’s house to share his plans to travel in the upcoming months.

After explaining that he had some work requirements for MTV’s The Challenge, Cory also shared that he planned to travel for his 30th birthday.

Cheyenne did not take the news well and slammed her ex for “partying for four months” while she’s pregnant.

The TV personality angrily expressed her concerns over Cory not being around to help with Ryder.

The insults continued when she called him a “piece of s**t” for being out of town on Ryder’s birthday.

Teen Mom OG fans rushed to Twitter to slam Cheyenne for how she spoke to her ex, claiming that was “selfish.”

One person wrote: “The real question is why does Cheyenne think the world revolves around her? and why does no one put her in her place?”

Another added: “It’s always Cheyenne’s way or no way. She’s pissed cause he’s taking a week off in between work commitments.”

A third chimed in: “I usually like @itskcheyenne but this episode has me not on her side! You choose to have a baby, while you already have a toddler. You’re mad at Cory for going to work, and going away…. Too bad. I wish my baby daddy did half the crap this guy does!”


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