Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans slammed for showing ‘favoritism’ among kids as she showers Ensley with gifts as Kaiser watches

TEEN Mom star Jenelle Evans has been slammed for showing “favoritism” among her kids after showing her daughter with gifts.

The MTV alum was seen handing a package of goodies to Ensley, four, in the car while older brother Kaiser, seven, watched on without any.


Jenelle could be seen giving her daughter a bunch of goodies
Kaiser watched on as his younger sister got to open the package


Kaiser watched on as his younger sister got to open the package

Jenelle, 29, took to TikTok with a “mini vlog” from her day, which showed her picking up her children from school on Wednesday afternoon.

“Got an unexpected package for Ensley today,” the reality TV star captioned the video as she filmed the bundle of pink-coloured goodies.

The gift bundle looked to include a number of hairbrushes and accessories, including rainbow-coloured clip-in hair extensions for the four-year-old.

“Ensley has no idea she has a package,” Jenelle continued as she filmed her two younger children smiling, adding that Kaiser was “in a good mood”.

She went on to hand Ensley the gifts in front of her son as she explained they were from a “friend” to help her “brush her hair easier”.

“Aw, I didn’t get one,” Kaiser could be heard saying in the background as he looked sullen, peering over the car seat in front of him.

Fans were quick to notice how disappointed the seven-year-old looked, and took to Reddit to slam Jenelle for showing “favoritism” in front of her kids.

“Kaiser having to watch the golden child recieve gifts,” one forum writer kicked off the debate, posting the TikTok video.

“Open it away from Kaiser, he’s not old enough to deal with that,” another chimed in. “I would’ve given it to her while waiting on her brother.”

“She doesn’t even try to hide her favoritism,” a second chimed in. “The poor kid asks why he doesn’t get a present at the end. Heartbreaking.”

A third said: “I have two kids 13 months apart and I could never do this to one of them. It really breaks my heart.”

“She couldn’t even have grabbed him a candybar or something, anything, just so he had something too?” asked a fourth, adding. “She’s the worst.”

While someone else concluded: “I’m 22 and I’d still be sad if my mom got one of my siblings a gift in front of me like that.”

Jenelle took to the comments section of her TikTok video to hit back against the complaints, explaining Kaiser gets “a treasure box every day” at school.

“I just so happened to stop by my mailbox before I picked them up, it was from a friend,” Jenelle hit back. “Wasn’t my fault.”

It comes days after Jenelle was slammed by fans for giving her kids “no attention” as Ensley was seen watching her mom make TikTok videos.

In a recent TikTok, Jenelle joked about how her daughter watched over shoulder as she scrolled through the video app.

The video showed Ensley standing in the back of their car looking at her mom’s phone over her shoulder.

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“POV: your kid watching TikTok over your shoulder,” she captioned the video and used the theme tune from the TV sitcom, The Office.

But fans flocked to Reddit to complain Jenelle was not a good parent because she was ignoring her kid.

“Maybe because your phone gets more attention than she does,” wrote one fan.

Another person added: “There’s a simple solution to the caption in the video. Put your damn phone down and pay attention to your child. Send her to her room, outside or wait until after she goes to bed to play on TikTok.”

And a third wrote: “So this video is just showing us that Jenelle sits quietly watching tiktoks on her phone, ignoring Ensley and not letting her watch as well, hence the over the shoulder watching.”

It comes after fans also slammed her for denying Ensley food in another TikTok.

Kaiser could be seen looking disappointed in the TikTok video


Kaiser could be seen looking disappointed in the TikTok video
Ensley had recieved a bundle of gifts from "a friend"


Ensley had recieved a bundle of gifts from “a friend”
Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ daughter Ensley, 4, watches her mom make TikTok videos


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