Teen Wolf Holland Roden Dishes On Her One Regret!

Holland Roden mentioned there weren’t any storylines or folklore that she wished the present had tackled. “No, that’s where I think Jeff [Davis] reigned supreme. I mean, I love that they put the Banshee, Irish folklore into my character as well as … My god, they covered so much stuff, like the season in Mexico to the headless horseman ode. I love the nogitsune. “Go” is such a cool game to me.” For many followers, season 3B’s nogitsune Stiles arc was the present at its best possible — actually giving Dylan O’Brien and the remainder of the solid time to shine.

On Dylan O’Brien’s nogitsune arc, Roden continued: “I thought that storyline, I won’t speak for Dylan, obviously, but I just thought that was the coolest storyline to play a Void! Stiles and for Stiles … what an opportunity. And he obviously knocked it out of the park. And yeah, I thought the all-white room reminded me of the ‘Are You Afraid Of The Dark?’ episode of the toy factory when the toy factory disappeared.” She clarified that she did not suppose it was the inspiration, however that is what it reminded her of. “No, I thought they did a great job of really trying their best to explore all options.”

Roden did have one want, although.


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