Teenager Calls Cops On Her Father Who Imposed Punishments That Broke The Law

A teenager called the cops on her dad years ago after he supposedly dealt her an extreme punishment that may have broken the law. The outcome was not exactly what she envisioned.

A viral video shared in 2019 showed the awkward moment cops stormed a teenager’s home after she called them to arrest her dad. The altercation ensued when the Ohio parent, Anthony Robertson, tried punishing his daughter by confiscating her password-locked phone.

Rather than accepting the punishment face-down, the teenager decided to fight back, informing the police department that her father broke the law.

Within minutes, a group of South Euclid officers occupying four patrol vehicles stormed Robertson’s building. Upon interrogating the pair, they discovered the bone of contention was an $800 phone belonging to the teenager.

She told dispatchers that her dad had taken her expensive phone, which did not belong to him since he did not pay for it. She also revealed her dad “doesn’t pay the bill.”

After hearing from both sides, the cops understood the situation. Bodycam footage of the incident showed the officers’ exchange with the father-daughter pair outside.

The teenager, who was not identified, stood with her arms crossed as she told the cops she wanted her phone. Robertson carefully explained to the officers that he confiscated his daughter’s phone because he was against her having it as a juvenile.

He also explained that since he could not inspect his minor’s passworded property, he deemed it appropriate to take it away.

A screenshot from the viral video on Youtube | Photo: youtube.com/Atlanta Black Star

The teen protested, saying she lived with her grandma and only stayed with her dad occasionally. The cops seemed to agree with the dad, as they ended up lecturing the girl on her place as a child. One of the officers said:

“Guess what? Everything that you own belongs to your mother and your father. Your father has the ability and right to take the phone from you.”

Agreeing with the officer’s explanation, the father chipped in that having a phone was not a right but a privilege. The teenager seemed dismayed by the turn of events.

A comment from a Netizen about a viral Youtube video | Photo: youtube.com/Atlanta Black Star

A comment from a Netizen about a viral Youtube video | Photo: youtube.com/Atlanta Black Star

Before letting her off, the cops warned the teen to desist from calling 911 in non-emergency situations. Speaking to News outlets, Lt. Wilson of the South Euclid Police Department explained that officers responded to the scene promptly because they were not busy with more important matters at the time.

The cop noted that on a busier day, they would handle other issues first and deal with the girl’s situation later just to fulfill their obligation to respond.

A comment from a Netizen about a viral Youtube video | Photo: youtube.com/Atlanta Black Star

The viral clip has spurred a debate over whether or not parents confiscating a child’s personal property should be considered as theft or punishment.

While many parents empathize with Robertson, some netizens insist his actions were inappropriate, especially as it involved an expensive item.


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