Text Message From Husband Leaves Woman In Tears As It Wasn’t What She Was Expecting

A woman received a text message from her husband and was excited about reading it. However, when she did, it turned out to be something she never expected. 

Veteran Kristi Sives is famous for being the fitness-obsessed mom who revealed she blacked out while weightlifting during pregnancy in 2017. However, she continued training until she went into labor.

She was in her car with her 11-month-old son and her dog when she received a text message from her husband. They had been having a rough patch in their relationship but were gradually getting to talk to each other. Hence, she was excited about getting a text from him.

However, when Sives opened the text message and read its content, she lost her breath. Her husband told her he was not happy and wanted more for himself. He wrote that if she were coming home, she would not meet him.

Immediately after reading the text, Sives tried dialing her husband’s number, but it was not reachable. When she eventually got home, she did not find him there.

She spent the night thinking about what could have possibly gone wrong but did not have any clue. He returned home in the morning but did not talk to her despite her pleas.

His attitude towards her continued for 12 days. He did not sleep at home but spent the nights in bars or other places. He also went out with different women.

Sives found it difficult to cope with her husband’s behavior and constantly ruminated over his text message. People who found out about their issues were shocked because they always believed they were the perfect couple.

Finally, her husband agreed for them to meet somewhere and talk. However, when they did, he was only concerned about them proceeding with their divorce process.

He wanted her to lie to the court to expedite the process, but she refused. The man got angry and became cold and emotionless towards her.

As time passed, the man showed up at home sporadically. When he did, he would eat her leftovers and tried sleeping with her despite saying he no longer loved her. This broke her heart.

When it was time for their son’s first birthday, he suggested they shop for gifts together but never showed up. On D-day, she made dinner for everyone.

When he arrived, he did his best to participate in the activities, but it was awkward for her as she wondered what had become of her once-beautiful five-year marriage. He noticed her demeanor and accused her of ruining their son’s birthday before storming out.

More time passed, and Sives decided to move to Michigan, where her family lived. Despite struggling with heartbreak and raising her son, she was determined to move on.

Sives struggled to find her feet in Michigan and moved to New Jersey with her son. There, they are entirely alone and finding their version of happiness. She still misses her husband and struggles to understand why he changed.

She continues to heal and knows she may never fully recover from what she has been through. Sives keeps fighting daily to make a life for herself and her son to prove to him that one’s life is not determined by their circumstances.

Although Sives is famous for her love for fitness, she does not recommend powerlifting during pregnancy to anyone who was not doing so before getting pregnant.


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