The Gang Gets New Looks In It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 15 Wrap Photo

A sitcom about four fairly despicable people who do even more despicable things and have never once learned from any of their mistakes hardly sounds like the basis for a record-breaking TV show, but It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has thrived on subverting, upending and over-delivering on expectations since day one.

When the beloved series was renewed for a fifteenth season in May of last year, it became the longest-running live-action episodic comedy in American television history, a record that The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet had held onto since 1966. FXX then handed out a further four-season order in December, so the Paddy’s Pub gang will be on our screens for at least four more years.

The pandemic has seen Season 15 pushed further down the schedule than fans would have liked, with the last brand-new episode of It’s Always Sunny airing November 2019, but the show’s official Twitter account has confirmed that shooting has wrapped at long last, celebrating the occasion by revealing new looks for Charlie, Mac and Dennis, which you can see below.

Hopefully, that means the announcement of a premiere date for the next set of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia adventures isn’t too far away, because it’s been almost two full years since we last saw the mischievous quartet get up to their signature brand of black-hearted and hilarious hijinks.


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