The latest developments in the Wayne Couzens trial – Sarah Everard’s killer could DIE in prison, as he faces a life sentence in court today.


If WAYNE Couzens is given a life sentence today for the murder of Sarah Everard, he could die in prison.

On March 3, a Met Police gun cop, 48, snatched Sarah, 33, as she walked home from a friend’s house in Clap, south London.

During Couzens’ sentencing yesterday, harrowing details of Sarah’s murder, including her fake arrest, kidnap, and murder, were revealed for the first time. Wayne Couzens will join a long list of the country’s most dangerous criminals who are expected to die in prison if he is given a life sentence. According to government figures as of the end of June, there are 60 criminals serving life sentences.

They will never be considered for release unless there are compelling humanitarian reasons to do so.



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