The Truth About Meghan King And Cuffe Biden

Meghan King introduced the world to her new lover, Joe Biden’s nephew, Cuffe Biden Owens, via Instagram in September. “Trying my best to avoid any cheesy introductions like ‘my main squeeze’ … so just meet my man,” she captioned a photo of herself and Biden Owens hugging at a restaurant or bar-type establishment. She also shared a series of photos to her Instagram Stories of herself and Biden Owens enjoying a date at a winery, per People.

Not too much is known about the relationship at this time, as Biden Owens appears to a be a pretty private guy. He stayed quiet during his uncle’s presidential campaign and has yet to publicly comment on his presidency. We do know that he’s been active behind the scenes, though. His mother, Valerie Biden, has led all of Biden’s campaigns, and son Biden Owens, a Los Angeles-based attorney, acts as her pseudo-manager, booking her public appearances and speaking events, per Delaware Online.

As far as we can tell, Biden Owens seems like a pretty chill guy, which is exactly what Meghan needs after all the turmoil she went through with her ex.


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