The Truth About R. Kelly’s Negative Net Worth

If you are ever feeling down about your finances, just remember that R. Kelly has a net worth of negative $2 million. Yep, you read that right — negative. In fact, the disgraced R&B singer made headlines in September after rapper 42 Dugg shared a video clowning on Kelly’s financial ruin. “I ain’t ever seen a n**** net worth negative,” Dugg said in the video, while fellow cohort EST Gee proclaimed Kelly to be “one of the brokest n***** of all time” (via Twitter).

According to TMZ, Kelly’s negative net worth stems from owing the IRS $2 million in unpaid taxes. In July, Radar revealed that the tax lien was imposed after the singer “refused to pay $1,935,034.88 for the year 2008” on his Illinois mansion, which “he hasn’t owned in years.” It was noted that, should Kelly not pay the outstanding balance, the IRS will seize his property and assets. Furthermore, the singer was “accused of owing $648,998.25 for 2013 and another $1,229,739.18 for 2016” for a grand total of $1,878,737.43, though the “lien has yet to be released” regarding these debts, per the outlet.


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