These Were Linda Tripp’s True Feelings About Her SNL Portrayal

Actor John Goodman took on the role of portraying Linda Tripp on “Saturday Night Live” in the late ’90s. Gender differences aside, the sketches generally aimed low, focusing on ridiculing Tripp’s style, appearance, and weight. And despite being the one caught cheating, Bill Clinton arguably got a better representation on “SNL” than Tripp, per filmmaker Blair Foster. “The president got to be a fully formed human who’s flawed and complex, but the women were always reduced to stereotypes, and that includes Linda,” he told The New York Times in 2020. 

In a 1999 interview with Larry King, Tripp admitted to finding some of the impressions humorous, but noted that at least one hurt her feelings. “To me, that was — that was not funny anymore to me,” she stated after seeing one particularly harsh sketch on an unnamed cable news show.

In a 2001 interview, again with Larry King, Tripp went on to explain the negative effect her unflattering portrayal had on her children. “Kids are so sensitive about their parents … And my kids always thought I was pretty. And they were so completely shattered by the John Goodman and the horrible press,” she said. She went on to disclose that her children’s trauma played a part in her electing to get plastic surgery. “I just felt so badly for them. I just wanted to fix it,” she explained.


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