Thinking of buying a new iPhone or Android? Here’s three reasons why you should hold off buying a new cellphone

IF you’re thinking of buying a new iPhone or Android, there are a few reasons you may want to hold off on splurging on a new phone.

With cell phone innovation slowing down and the prices of mobile devices still high, going for the new tech is not always the best bet.


Cell phone innovation has slowed downCredit: AFP

Here are three things to consider before you purchase a new device.

Does Your Phone Function?

If your phone is still functioning properly, it’s wise to rethink spending $1,000 or more on a new device.

Can your phone handle your daily tasks without slowing down? Is the phone free of screen cracks or other damages that affect performance? Can your phone take solid photos and videos? Is the battery life satisfactory?

If your answer is yes to all of these questions, a new iPhone or Android with some minor upgrades may not be worth the price.

Prices are High

If you’re paying for a new phone outright — meaning you’re not getting some sort of discount due to a contract — that new device will cost a hefty chunk of change.

New Apple or Samsung products will likely cost more than $1,000.

While financing is usually available for new phones on your phone plan, the new device will still add an average of $20-$50 to your phone bill every month.

Is Your Phone Paid Off?

If you splurged on a new phone and have now paid it off, that puts you in a unique, and possibly financially beneficial, position.

It’s likely that you are eligible to have your phone unlocked, which means you may be able to shop for a new, cheaper phone plan at another company.

If you’re unhappy with your provider, or just want to shop for a cheaper plan, you’re likely able to take your paid-off phone with you when you go.

When to Upgrade

With all that being said, there are legitimate reasons to upgrade your device.

If your phone is running slowly, is damaged, cannot hold a charge, or cannot take decent photos or videos, it may be time for an upgrade.

While major innovations are few and far between due to the constant output of new devices, the occasional upgrade will be necessary.

There are some things to consider before splurging on a new phone


There are some things to consider before splurging on a new phoneCredit: Getty – Contributor
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