Thrifty woman transforms £4 charity shop table instead of forking out £200 for pricey alternative & people are impressed

BEING savvy with your furniture can help you save hundreds of pounds, but knowing where to find a good bargain and what to do with it are the hard parts.

One TikTok user had a dream table in her head for months but didn’t want to pay the expensive £200 price tag.


Penny bought the table for just £4 but it was covered in dust and scratchesCredit: pennyhindle/TikTok

Instead, she found a cheap alternative in her local charity shop and transformed it into one that looked brand new.

The £4 find was covered in dust and scratches but people are obsessed with how it has been transformed.

Penny Hindle shared her table transformation to her TikTok account, ‘pennyhindle’ with the caption: “Nothing beats thrifting something from a Pinterest mood board… £4 well spent.”

She said: “Went to my favourite charity shop ever today.

“I’ve had an acrylic magazine rack, bedside table thing saved in my Pinterest dream house board for a while but they are all like £200 online, for a bit of plastic which is just, no.

“So I saw this today for literally £4.

“My mum nearly persuaded me not to get it because it’s very, very scratched.

“It’s really, really dusty but I’m sure that will come off.

“And it really fits the vibe because there’s the table bit and there’s also another layer for storage.

“I’m going to clean it up and see what it looks like.

“This is what it looks like now, it’s way better now it’s clean.

“I got some new coffee table books and cookbooks from the same charity shop, which were all about 50p.

“So I’ve put them on with some other charity shop books and vases and this is what it looks like.”

Penny transformed her table and not only does it look good as new, her decorations have made it look super chic.

Clearly the charity shop table revamp has impressed numerous people as the video has racked up over 235.4k views.

It now has 43.8k likes, 353 comments and 83 shares.

Many were quick to comment on how great the table looks.


One person said: “Wow no this is literally amazing.”

Another added: “Now this is a real find.”

A third commented: “Omg what a find. Looks even better than the Pinterest ones.”

All Penny needed to do was give it a good clean and it looked good as new


All Penny needed to do was give it a good clean and it looked good as newCredit: pennyhindle/TikTok

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