TikToker is shedding light on the behavioural patterns of false Killer Whales and people are freaked out

You’re most likely familiar with killer whales, especially at aquariums showcasing them in presentations.

But have you heard about false killer whales?

Although it’s one of the lesser-known species in the dolphin family, one TikToker has taken the time to shed some witty insight into the false killer whale and its distinctive characteristics.

And people are freaked out.

Mamadou B. Ndiaye, who goes by @mndiaye_97 on TikTok, described the false killer whale as “every shark’s paralysis demon.” It is a type of dolphin that’s primarily found in tropical regions and has a similar head shape to a killer whale (orca).

With an all-black epidermis (similar to the Rubber Man in the American Horror Story anthology series) and big, pointed pearly white teeth, the false killer whale appears to be more threatening than typical ocean mammals, with some reaching 6 meters in length and weighing over 4,000 pounds.

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In actuality, false killer whales are some of the kindest porpoises in the deep blue ocean. Revered as sociable creatures, the species form friendships, creating pods of up to 500 members.

That’s a lot of members.

Ndiaye further explained that the false killer whales’ personable attitude goes beyond friend groups.

Some of them have been spotted engaged in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships with other dolphins.

On the other end of the spectrum, evidence also suggests that false killer whales sometimes consume orcas and dolphins, which, in some way, explains why they won’t be seen in aquariums.

Despite the false killer whales’ looks and occasional transgressions of eating orcas and dolphins, they also happen to be friendly to humans, even offering them fish they’ve caught as a present.

People in the video’s comments didn’t seem to be too convinced that “falsies are friendly.”

“Why do their eyes look like human eyes,” someone wrote.

“I don’t like that their eyes look capable of complex planning and aspirations,” one person wrote while a third added, “Their eyes told me the messed up things they did before you .”

Someone else said that the false killer whale looked like “Venom of the sea.”

It’s not transparent as to how many false killer whales there are in the world. However, if you come across one, now you understand that it’s not just an orca living out a gothic reality.


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