Tom Cruise’s Face Swollen From Troubled ‘Mission: Impossible’ Filming?

Is Tom Cruise feeling the effects of aging? One report says his swollen face indicates that he’s officially let himself go. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Tom, Is That You?’

According to OK!, the once ageless Cruise is now looking worse for wear. The Mission: Impossible star was filming a parachute stunt where he waved to some fans. His face “looks kind of chunky and his face swollen,” a source says.

Cruise is always in amazing shape, but the source says that “he appears to be slipping.” The accuse could be the incredibly stressful production on M:I7. “Tom tends to overwork himself to the point of exhaustion, and that’s certainly been the case with M:I7.” 

The production has taken Cruise away from his usual routines, including his diet. “He’s been eating out a lot, and all that salty food can make you puffy,” a source says. The story concludes by noting age is finally catching up with him.

How Does Tom Cruise Look?

The leaps and bounds of this story are something to behold. It starts by pointing to a parachute stunt and ends by saying Cruise is indulging in salty food to cope with a stressful production. Gossip Cop won’t doubt that this production was stressful — Cruise’s COVID-19 rant speaks for itself — but we will not validate the idea that he’s let himself go.

You can check out the photos of “chunky” Cruise right here. The parachute outfit is baggy, and he’s wearing a round helmet that makes his face look rounder. In any and all recent photos of Cruise without the helmet on, he looks just like he did in the ’80s. 

Tom Cruise has to be in excellent shape to do the stunts he does, so none of this tracks logically. How a random source could possibly know about Cruise’s salt intake is left to the imagination. This story took an unflattering helmet look and invented a preposterous story around it.

Other Tall Tales

OK! once claimed Tom Cruise’s extreme workout regimen could seriously harm him. That story came out while Cruise was working on M:I7, yet it goes completely unmentioned here. Keeping healthy hasn’t hurt him. It also promoted a project between Cruise and Nicole Kidman, but no such project exists.

The National Enquirer, which shares the same owner as the tabloid in question, recently reported that Cruise had gotten tons of plastic surgery and looked unrecognizable. These stories are both completely incompatible and utterly bogus. Cruise is literally being easily recognized by British onlookers as he does these stunts. He’s still in great shape, so this story can be disregarded.


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