Top 8 SM Entertainment K-pop Songs with ‘Questionable’ Original Titles — Here’s Where to Spot Them

From “Call Me Daddy” to EXO’s “Call Me Baby”? Among K-pop fans, SM stans truly have it more fun when opening their K-pop albums where the original demo titles were revealed. While some are just fine, most of the original song titles of EXO, NCT, SHINee, and more — will truly leave you in question mark due to their weirdness.

Aside from HD photos located in your K-pop album’s photo book, what more can you do with it? Among SM Entertainment artists’ enthusiasts or also known as SM stans – one of the most exciting parts of opening an album is the song details – wherein the original demo titles were located!

In particular, the photo booklets of groups under SM Entertainment usually include its original titles on the details – piquing the curiosity of fans as to how it ended up like that compared to the official title.

1. EXO’s ‘Call Me Baby’ vs. ‘Call Me Daddy’

Calling EXO as “baby” is already overwhelming, but what more if they asked you to call them your “daddy”?

Undoubtedly, SM Entertainment knows no chill when they bought the demo song of Dantae Jonhson originally named, ” Call Me Daddy” for EXO.

Released in 2015, you can say it’s a nice thing that EXO toned it down to “Call Me Baby” for the minors — and for your heart.

2. Taemin’s ‘Want’ vs. ‘Sex Flow’

Taemin will always be one of the forever babies in the K-pop scene, but there is no doubt that he is the “man” when it comes to the fiery stage and sexy performances.

But can your heart take it his track “Want” followed its original title, “Sex Flow”?

3. SHINee ‘Juliette’ vs. ‘Deal With It’

For those who don’t know, SHINee’s “Juliette” is actually a remake of Corbin Blue’s “Deal With it”?

Phonetics and rhymes are indeed important when translating an English song to its Korean version, but the transition from “Deal With It” to “Juliette” just doesn’t make sense.

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4. Suho’s ‘Self-Portrait’ vs. ‘Plagiarism’

When Suho’s solo song, “Self-Portrait” was released, the male idol revealed that it underwent numerous changes from lyrics to the title.

Initially, its title should be “Plagiarism,” but since it sounds strong, Suho ended up changing it.

6. EXO’s ‘With You’ vs. ‘Fvck You’

Well, EXO’s “With You” contains lyrics of confession of a romantic and love. There are also vivid expressions of intimate relationships with the main character’s lover.

There are actually some deeper analyses of its lyrics – but the demo song title ‘Fxxk you says it all.

7. NCT 127’s ‘Good Thing’ vs. ‘Good Shxt’

On NCT 127 photo booklet, their track, “Good Thing” was supposed to be “Good Shxt”! But to align it with the regulations of music broadcasting shows, it is a wise move to change its title.

8. NCT 127’s ‘Welcome to my Playground’ vs. ‘Welcome to my Funeral’

Aside from “Good Shxt,” NCT also released a song called, “Welcome to my Playground.” But did you know that its original title was “Welcome to My Funeral”?

In terms of uniqueness to original song, NCT truly stands out, not o mention NCT 127’s ‘Punch’ with an original song title, “Whatchamacall Us.”

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Written by Eunice Dawson


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