Tory voter brings LBC listeners to tears after telling James O’Brien how Brexit has ‘destroyed this country’

A caller into James O’Brien’s LBC radio show who said he was Tory voter brought listeners to tears after he revealed when things changed for him on Brexit.

In a seven-minute conversation, caller Daryl spoke of his admiration for O’Brien, who has been rallying against Brexit and the current iteration of the Conservative Party for years now.

Daryl brought up the conversation that O’Brien had just had with a previous caller where they queried “when did the Conservatives not become Conservatives?” Daryl said: “We can’t really call it a Conservative Party anymore can we? I’m a Conservative voter but I’m not really a Conservative.”

Daryl went on to explain that Ken Clarke used to be his local MP and liked Clarke as they both supported Europe and had voted to remain in the European Union. Daryl felt that he and other marginal Tories are now being left out by the party for being supporters of Europe.

He went on to add that he believes the integrity of the party didn’t change after the Barnard Castle scandal with Dominic Cummings at the height of the Covid pandemic but back in November 2019, when Boris Johnson stopped Dominic Grieve from publishing a report into alleged Russian interference with British politics before that year’s general election.

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“If Dominic Grieve were to have leaked that report, then we wouldn’t be in the state we are now,” hypothesised Daryl, who went on to reference celebrity chef Delia Smith’s famous moment on the Carrow Road football pitch and said to the Norwich City fans: “Where are you?”

“Where are all these people? Where are the likes of me that are sickened to death of this because this is a dangerous government?

“This is a divisive government. This is a Brexit government and Brexit has broken the back of our society. It’s not Conservative, Liberal Democrat or Labour anymore. It’s Brexit that’s destroyed this country. It’s turned family against family. You talk about it in the street. You talk about it in the pub but the only problem is I take a huge interest in politics but I dare tell you that 70 per cent of those people that voted in the referendum knew nothing about politics and when you ask them about voting for Brexit [they say] ‘I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about it.’”

Daryl also admitted that he regretted taking air time away from anyone that had lost a loved one due to Covid due to the knowledge of how badly the government handled the initial breakout – the findings of which have been published in a new report – and called for “justice” to those that have been affected.

On Twitter, O’Brien praised Daryl as an “amazing caller” and that he could hear the “strain of trying to reconcile himself to a new political reality,” in his voice.

Many people echoed O’Brien’s thoughts and said the emotional nature of Daryl’s call brought them to tears.


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