Tourist ‘ecstatic’ over UK pub culture after cradling pet pooch in boozer

Pub culture in the UK is something we pride ourselves upon. Nothing beats taking a trip to your local and grabbing a pint with a few of your mates.

However, if you are not from the UK then pub culture can seem, well, a bit of a culture shock for some.

This was the case for a Reddit user’s sister from Sri Lanka who visited a pub in the UK and was shocked to find a pet dog inside the boozer.

Taking to Reddit to share their sister’s excitement, the original poster titled the post: “My sister who is new to UK pub culture (we’re foreigners) just had a dog handed to her to cradle in her arms. She was drunk but ecstatic. We love the UK.”

Attached to the post, is a snap of a very smiley woman sitting in a pub holding a rather furry pet pooch in her arms.

When most of us are drunk we either want a kebab or our beds, however it seems some prefer to show affection to a dog.

The original posters sister was more than happy with her pet pooch encounter

The original poster explained in the comment section: “We are usually shy between strangers unless it’s some person or a tourist needing help.

“Local women also get judged for drinking in public so we really love the drinking culture here, people don’t judge and are friendly or understanding.”

Touched by the heart-warming encounter, people took to the comments to share their thoughts on the post.

One person joked: “Try the country pubs, where the dog owners buy the dog a pint too.”

Dogs are often found in pub gardens
Dogs are often found in pub gardens

Another person commented: “I’ve never had a dog bundled into my arms, but I have had a dog’s lead thrust into my hand at the pub to look after it while his owner smoked.”

“Dog owners here tend to be very open to letting passers by greet their friendly pups.”

Whilst a third user noted: “My dog is disappointed if she doesn’t say hello to everyone in the pub.”

Someone else added: “This made me smile so much. Thank you, I needed that. Also welcome to the UK.”

We guess in the UK we really do love our dogs and pubs!

Do you like that dogs are allowed in pubs? Or would you prefer them to be kept outside? Tell us in the comments…


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