Tradie left woman uncomfortable after creepy pajama confession

A woman had decided to message a tradie after he left her his number – only to be stunned by his response.

A British woman was left seriously creeped out after a tradie left her his number and sat outside her house for over an hour while texting her.

TikTok user @frecklesemx, who listed her first name as Em, explained that she had messaged the guy as she was intrigued to see what he was going to say, but was instead left feeling weird when he told her seeing her in her pyjamas had “turned him on”.

She shared the awkward exchange in a video posted online, that has since been watched over 700,000 times online.

Em showed off the piece of paper that the guy had left with his number on and captioned her clip: “You could not make this up.”

In the video, the gas man was seen sitting in his van while outside of the woman’s house.

“So the gas man gave me his number today and I decided to text it and see what he would say,” Em revealed in the clip.

Sharing the messages that were sent, Em posted screengrabs with her initial message reading: “Hey Ed, thanks for giving me your number. And thanks for being sweet, Emily x.”

He replied with a flirty response that said: “No problem, you’re welcome. If you don’t mind me saying but you are gorgeous and I don’t understand how you’re not taken.”

The video then shows footage of the gas man sat in his van, with the woman adding: “Started off normal … why is he not driving off?”

More messages saw the woman respond to the bloke‘s compliment, calling him “sweet” as she joked about being in her pyjamas during his visit.

Taking the conversation up a notch, he responded: “Lol well they were turning me on??”

He joked he was just being “honest” with his X-rated comment and Em revealed he was still sat outside her house – even checking his phone to see if she had messaged him back.

He then messaged again, saying: “You‘re welcome, well like I said I’m on call this weekend. So if you have any problems give a shout and I’ll be the one coming??”

When Em didn‘t respond, he sent another text asking her to come back outside.

“I can come back in as I‘m just sat outside, waiting to finish before moving on to my next job. Rather that texting [each] other??,” the message read.

At that point, Em shared an updated that said: “He has been waiting outside for an hour now. Help.”

People who came across her post were left feeling uneasy, with thousands commenting.

“I do this work I would never dream of doing this. It‘s totally unprofessional and crosses a line,” said one person.

Another posted: “He made me feel uncomfortable never mind the poor girl.”

A third wrote: “Well this is all kinds of messed up.”

Others pointed out that it‘s not unusual for workers to hang around until their next job, but stressed that it was strange for the gas man to ask to come back inside.

“OK they usually do chill until their next job, my dad used to do that bc they‘re next job could usually be in the same area … but to ask to come,” commented on person.

Others defended Em’s decision to text the tradie out of curiosity – insisting that he was the one who took it too far.

“She‘s allowed to text him. Him then proceeding to sit outside her house and try to come back inside is the issue. That’s not OK,” said one viewer, as others urged her to report him to his company.

Some people could relate to the situation, revealing that similar had happened to them, as one person added: “This happened to me with my electrician.”

Sharing an update with her followers, Em later revealed that the gas man had got in touch and apologised for causing any “offence”.

“I do this work I would never dream of doing this. It‘s totally unprofessional and crosses a line,” he said.

This story first appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission.


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