Twitter can’t get over the bizarre cover of James Martin’s new cookbook

The cover of TV chef James Martin’s new cookbook has baffled Twitter.

The 49-year-old chef, who hosts a Saturday morning show on ITV and also makes regular appearances on This Morning, released a cookbook called Butter — but the recipes aren’t all that people are talking about.

The book’s cover — showing Martin grasping what appears to be a stick of butter while staring intensely at it — has tickled people’s funny bones.

Taking to Twitter, people gave Martin a good-natured ribbing about the picture, cracking jokes and sharing buttery puns.

“I can’t believe it’s not better,” one Twitter user quipped, with another saying it looks as though he’s done something awful to Spongebob Squarepants.

Martin announced the long-awaited book to much fanfare at the end of July.

On Instagram he revealed that he worked on the book throughout lockdown and, despite not being allowed to say the book’s title at that point, he teased fans with a hint as he held a buttercup flower under his chin.

In August, he finally announced his book was available for pre-order, and let fans in on what the theme of the book would be as he excitedly showed pictures from the cookbook.

Despite the chef’s love for butter, he did cut it out of his diet for a while.

Speaking in 2018 he told the Daily Mail that appearing on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing was the motivation he needed to adopt a healthier diet. He said the high definition pictures from the show made him feel self-conscious.

Martin reportedly credits ditching the magic ingredient as one of the big reasons he was able to drop five stone in two months, with the high-intensity dancing routines also playing a massive part.

He’s definitely not stingy on his butter usage when in front of the stove, however. Last week he wowed This Morning viewers after using a whole block of butter to make chicken milanese. 

Regardless of what the book’s cover showed, we’re certain Twitter would have “churned” out some rib-tickling jokes in any case.


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