Unsettling Stories That Will Make You Never Go In The Ocean Again


Thalassophobics beware – these nightmarish deep sea stories will make your skin crawl. 

I can’t quite put my finger on when I became more afraid of the ocean. It wasn’t because of Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, Open Water or any movie, as I happily bounded into the water at the beach when I was younger. It’s nothing to do with being a poor swimmer, as I love going to the pool.

I think it may have been reading about thalassophobia that somehow triggered it. It’s not even irrational either; there’s plenty of reason to fear what lies beneath, whether it’s creatures we’ve never seen, nor will we ever discover, or just the vast expanse of uncharted water. So, you can imagine my delight at having to endure all these scary stories.

Posted to TikTok by @oceanxorg, an account on ‘a mission to explore the oceans and share them with the world’, every story is unnerving in its own way. ‘Is this gonna be upsetting? Yes. Am I still gonna read it? Also yes,’ she says in the video.

First off, we have a captain who found a corpse in a harbour in Egypt. When he touched it with a stick, there were eels coming out of it which had just started to eat his organs.

Secondly, we have the absolute worst, at least for me: a sailor saw a massive tentacle come out of the water and whack their vessel. The creature, presumably a massive squid, never came back – but the person was left shaken by what they’d seen.

In another story, a person’s uncle had recalled seeing a massive wave tower over him, which actually had a whale inside it.

In another icky tale, a guy found a torso still in its t-shirt in a fishing net. He took it back to the mainland, where a coroner was actually able to identify the body. Hilariously, the fisherman offered him a free lobster for his work, which he gladly accepted – until he found out it was from the same net as the torso.

Finally, a man recalled going on his first night dive with his dad when he was just 12 years old. As they were trying to spot octopus, his dad tapped him on the shoulder and alerted him to a wall of barracuda right to the surface. Fortunately, they weren’t harmed.


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