‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 9 Episode 2 PREVIEW!

On the Season 9 premiere of Vanderpump Rules, a lot of insanity ensued. Having been away from the cameras for about a year, there was a lot to rehash. Friendships have dwindled due to COVID and quarantine. Many are in an awkward place because of miscommunications. Scheana and Lala attempted to explain why they had a falling out. Unfortunately, both ladies felt they were right. In the end, they saw the situation could have been handled far better than it was. Yet, Lala still has beef with Ariana and possibly Charli.

Sandoval and Schwartz are in the process of reopening TomTom while opening their own spot. Too bad they’re experiencing a few hiccups such as what to call it. Sandoval loves “Schwartz and Sandy’s” but Tom Schwartz hates it as does his wife, Katie. She wants to be a big part of this business having worked at SUR for years. Her family also had a restaurant so she feels she can bring a lot of knowledge to the table. She approaches Sandoval about having a place in the restaurant then proceeds to say she hates the name as does her husband.

Katie says it is uninspired and Schwartz agrees it is a bad name but Sandoval won’t listen. It’s his way or the highway. Finally, James is sober now but he is still lashing out. Perfect time to take a trip to Palm Springs when no one is getting along.

Whose Vanderpump Rules Is It Anyway?


Credit: Bravo

Tom Schwartz really needs to learn to not throw his wife under the bus anymore. Is he that scared of Sandoval? Scheana’s boyfriend/baby daddy, Brock is really into working out so he takes the two Toms to a spinning class. With him being so buff and muscular, they are willing to try anything and attempt to keep up. After it is over, he asks about what happened at Scheana’s party between Katie and Sandoval. Sandy explains Katie called the restaurant’s name “uninspired” and just had a lot of criticism.

It makes him think he does not even want her to be a part of it anymore. Brock reminds him that Katie is Schwartz’s wife and he needs to respect her. Maybe Schwartzy should take a note from Brock as he was actually the one who called the name “uninspired.” He confesses this to the cameras and then they roll the footage. Even Brock thinks it is a horrible name. As viewers may have learned on Watch Watch Happens Live, Sandoval won in the name game, sadly.

Lunch With Lisa

Credit: Ariana Madix IG
Credit: Ariana Madix IG

Ariana is out to lunch with Lisa so she brings along a bottle of Vanderpump Rose to the restaurant. It appears it has been some time since the two have seen each other. Ariana had no idea she and Lisa could be friends outside of work. Fortunately, they can connect on Ariana’s mental health struggles. During Season 8, Lisa welcomed Ariana back to SUR with opened arms when she just needed to get up and out a few days a week.

Lisa asks Ariana how she feels about the Toms opening a new place and she says they were just thrilled at Lisa’s acceptance. Of course, Lisa is curious if Ariana and Katie will be involved. Yes, it would be fun for them to be a part of it all. However, Ariana sees how important it is for the guys so she is just backing off. Katie, not so much. She jumps in and says whatever she feels and it is not always the best.

Financially, they are refinancing their mortgage but it only will impact Sandoval’s equity, not Ariana’s and this is where Bravo leaves it. So much more to come as the group will be making their own Coachella in Palm Springs.

Don’t miss a new episode of Vanderpump Rules Tuesday night at 9 pm only on Bravo.


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