Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay’s fiancé Brock Davies slammed for admitting he hasn’t seen his kids in four years

VANDERPUMP Rules star Scheana Shay’s fiancé Brock Davies revealed on last night’s episode that he has not seen his children in Australia in four years.

In the shocking segment, Scheana, Brock and newborn daughter Summer Moon met up with co-star and model Lala Kent, her fiancé Randall Emmett and newborn daughter Ocean for a playdate.


Vanderpump Rules’ Brock Davies revealed he has not seen his older children in four yearsCredit: Bravo
Lala's jaw dropped as she called the situation a 'complete emotional nightmare'


Lala’s jaw dropped as she called the situation a ‘complete emotional nightmare’Credit: Bravo

While socializing, Brock opened up about his past relationship with his ex wife back in Australia.

At only 20 years old when he had his first child with his ex, the star stated: “I was a different person.”

After having “two beautiful” kids with his ex wife, the former rugby player parted ways with his family and moved to America.

The star explained that he believed the family “felt abandoned.”

In another shocking turn, Brock revealed that his older daughter’s name is Winter and shares the same birthday as his newborn daughter, Summer.

Lala’s jaw dropped at the uncanny name similarities and commented that the entire situation was a “complete emotional nightmare,” insinuating Brock replaced a daughter he already had.

Scheana was quick to back her fiancé, claiming: “I’ve wanted a daughter named Summer since I was 16 years old.”

Brock admitting that he hadn’t seen his two older kids in four years, appeared to be the final straw for Vanderpump Rules fans, as they took to the show’s Instagram gossip group to sound off.

One fan commented: “It’s not a good look especially since he doesn’t seem very hands on with this baby,” and many claimed it was a “red flag” for Scheana.

Other fans felt as if there’s “a lot more to the story” that may potentially be revealed later in the season.

One speculated: “I’m trying not to jump to conclusions but if the mom didn’t want Brock involved and cut him out then how did she learn about his daughter and her being named Summer?

“Something just isn’t adding up…”

Many were quick to defend Brock, as one fan said: “There was to be more to this story …. Also COVID has a HUGE impact to that timeline so let’s not forget that y’all.

“Borders have been closed in some countries for the entire time.”


Also on Tuesday’s episode, Scheana was upset that Brock left early in the morning to get an hour’s extra practice, leaving her with the baby.

Fans took to Twitter to slam the Australian personal trainer after he also butted heads with Scheana’s mom.

One person wrote: “Brocks been like rubbing me the wrong way.”

Another said: “He’s not the one if your mom doesn’t like him…am I wrong??”

“Oh Schaena you picked another winner” another person chimed in.

Another person posted: “Why tf is Brock gaslighting the s**t out of Scheana.”

Brock was questioned by Scheana’s mom after he came back from his pickleball game.


Previously on this season, Scheana slammed Lala for “ditching her” during her miscarriage.

The 36-year-old said her costar was too busying partying with Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox to support her during the difficult time.

While talking to Brock, Scheana said: “I don’t think she understands how upsetting that was that she wasn’t there for me during my miscarriage because she had dinner with celebrities.”

The Bravo star elaborated on the topic during a confessional, stating: “Doing through a miscarriage was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my entire life.

“To get pregnant and have it taken away so quickly, it was devastating.”

Scheana continued to slam Lala as she said she “needed her to be there for me that night in Palm Springs and she needed to go to dinner with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly.”


During a different scene, Lala revealed she was “getting intense messages” from fans after Scheana slammed her for not supporting her during an episode of her podcast.

Lala said: “I started receiving DMs from people about me deserving to miscarriage Ocean.

“I was suffering from intense hormonal depression.”

The TV personality then started to tear up as she said: “These messages coming in sent me into a full on spiral and I was just worried that something bad was gonna happen.”

Lala then insisted Scheana’s “not getting an apology” from her.

Fans have been slamming the latest series for being boring after some key stars were fired.

His fiancé Scheana claimed she wanted to name her daughter Summer 'since I was 16'


His fiancé Scheana claimed she wanted to name her daughter Summer ‘since I was 16’Credit: Bravo
They claimed the similarity to his older daughter Winter was entirely coincidental


They claimed the similarity to his older daughter Winter was entirely coincidentalCredit: Instagram
Scheana slammed Lala for partying with MGK and Megan Fox while suffering a miscarriage


Scheana slammed Lala for partying with MGK and Megan Fox while suffering a miscarriageCredit: Bravo
Vanderpump Rules fans slam Scheana’s Shay’s fiance Brock Davies after he leaves crying baby to play pickleball

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